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You, too, could be as happy as this child if you use Omnidya to get the best deal on home insurance.

Perhaps you’ve heard by now that we’ll clone you so you can be in two places at once.

This is rather true.

But for all you cloning opposers, we’re not gonna go and generate a breathing, warm-blooded version of you. So hold your horses and pause those petitions.

We generate a bot version of you that shops for you. Giving you more time to spend on the important things in life like binge-watching The OA or you know, maybe spending some time out in nature with your nearest and dearest.

Because being outside is healthy when the smog in Los Angeles isn’t trying to kill you.

So what’s new with us?

Our nice, new dashboard.

Smoother Operation and Sexier Layout

We learned a lot from the Omnidya beta. We listened. We evolved.

And now, we’re sexier. We won’t feature any before photos (this isn’t CrossFit), but you can take a gander at the above — as well as our new “Offers Comparison” page a little ways below.

In addition to being sexier, we’re also way smoother. We’re faster, easier to navigate, just all-around-better.

Our new partnerships also mean that you’ll be able to shop for more stuff…like auto insurance.

So should you swipe right on us? Yes. ;)

What We Do

This feature in Startup City (when we made one of their Top 15 lists) does a great job of explaining what we do.

We leverage artificial intelligence to make your life easier by getting rid of the need for you to do mundane tasks like researching for the best insurance options.

We’re just here to make your life easier, really.

Who We Are

A motley crew of vigilantes and pirates! No. Not really. We’re led by an executive team from Morgan Stanley, UHG, and more. You can read up on our CEO, Kumar Patel, here and here.

Where We Are

We’re a Los Angeles-based startup that will soon be residing in sunny Silicon Beach with all the other startups.

After our upcoming launch, we’ll be able to provide the most cost-effective home insurance quotes from the top fifteen insurance providers — in seven different states. Which states? Here are some hints: one is where Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner recently got married, one is the current home state of a rather antagonizing Bachelor, one has something called the Empire State Building

After that? We’ll be nationwide.

Can you come visit us at the office in Silicon Beach? Maybe sometimes. We’d prefer if you get to know us on social first, though. You can follow us here on Medium, on Twitter, on Instagram, or like us on Facebook.

But most importantly, you can sign up to hear when Omnidya is available in your area. This is a win-win. Because we get users and you get great deals on insurance.

So what are you waiting for? Check us out here: https://www.omnidya.com

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium