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Blog: The Key is in the Balance (Between Human and AI)

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With the use of artificial intelligence on the rise, there is a need for answers to questions concerning how it will affect workers and life in general. There are concerns that AI will eliminate jobs or — as depicted in many recent films — develop its own mind and attempt to take control of the human race.

The key to living with AI is to maintain a clear balance.

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Fearing the Unknown

Unfortunately, depictions in movies have not been particularly fair to artificial intelligence. AI has usually been depicted as an “evil being” that, after becoming self-aware and super smart, has decided to exact revenge on humans instead of working with humans in peace. Not understanding what AI is, what it can do for humans and the ethical implications of using it only leads to confusion and negative publicity.

Dealing with Change

Perhaps the biggest fear that people have about AI is change. They fear that they will find themselves out of a job because they will be replaced by a machine. This leads to additional fears that they will be unable to find another job in their current field and will be unable to support themselves or their families.

AI is capable of undertaking tasks that are tedious or labor-intensive. And yes, that means some jobs will be lost. However, it also opens the door for new opportunities for workers to move to better jobs, but systems need to be in place to assist displaced workers.

The real strength of AI is that its systems can be tools for helping workers do their jobs better instead of replacing them. By alleviating the need for humans to do menial and time-consuming tasks, AI allows humans to direct their focus to other areas, and focus on creativity and innovation, which is something that AI cannot do.

While AI might be considered a disrupter in some circles as it changes the way business is done, it (obviously) doesn’t signal the end of humanity as we know it. It is important to understand AI’s strengths and weaknesses from the start of its implementation and to be able to understand why it does what it does.

Artificial Intelligence should be considered a team member. By approaching the technology in this way, humans can learn to create a balance and use AI as it was intended, to augment workers instead of replacing them.


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