ProjectBlog: The human did not realize that we were lapped by digital technology

Blog: The human did not realize that we were lapped by digital technology

(Lap: to go past someone in a race who has been round the track one less time than you)

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Written at the beginning

On the surface, the reason I wrote this blog post is that this is an assignment in my university elective course, but, after going through this course, I have many ideas to express and discuss. So in the beginning, we must start from this course. The name of this course is Digital Society. At first, I have to talk about my understanding of this phrase Digital Society — the relationship and influence of the digital age and human society. What was my first impression after completing this course? I am shocked. Why? Because we use the cases that have occurred around us in the past few years or even ten years to discuss the future development and opportunities of the digital society.

The above seems to be whining, which led to the theme of this article. In the long-distance race of human thought and information technology development, people cannot realize that their ideas were lapped by technology. Do we need to worry about it? Yes, but not too much. We are not ignorant of the development of digital technology; everyone can feel that the speed of development of digital technology is explosive; it is far beyond the development speed of other technologies. Therefore, we can use the analogy and macro analysis methods to slow down the development speed of digital technology to explore how humans should analyze and cope with the impact and changes of high-speed digital technology on society. Let’s analysis another technology first to figure out what going on between human’s ideas and technology.

Circuit diagram


Even in this era, when we use computers to draw circuit diagrams, most people still draw the most straightforward circuit diagrams. We use a tool with powerful productivity but only do it with a piece of paper. The design described in the video can achieve more advanced features, and its current computer can provide it to us.

Looking back now, I think about this question: Why does the circuit diagram representation in the beginning of video exist? Why do the circuit diagrams we are exposed to on the computer grow like this?

The reason is straightforward. Classic circuit diagrams are more compatible with media such as paper and pen. Paper and pens were the main tools of our thinking for a long time before the computer appeared. The way of thinking that the old media produced with the formation of habits has slowly been preserved. Even after the emergence of new media, this habit and method have not changed. As a thinking tool, the emergence of new media should help people generate and express new and better ideas. However, because people’s thoughts are too slow, or because many people lack the awareness to adapt and develop new ways of thinking represented by this new medium, new media has not been used to the greatest extent as a tool for thinking.

What does this have to do with the digital society?

I think this is the meaning of this course in Digital Society — try to bring positive changes to the future of human society by thinking about better use and management of digital technology.

However, staying in the analysis of video ads, online personal information retrieval and other long-standing technical means that have been around for a few years or even ten years to look forward to the future has given me deep anxiety. It is challenging to predict the future and react in advance. However, what is terrible is that the future of ‘predicting’ has long been a thing of the past. Below I will give a few examples of digital technology. The time for these examples ranges from a few years ago to a few months ago and gives personal guesses about the impact. If the readers have never heard or felt shocked by these examples, it reflects that we have severe cognitive deficiencies in the speed and progress of digital technology. This has excellent drawbacks for us to use digital technology to change society.

1, Brazil World Cup 2014, Baidu (Chinese largest search engine company uses big data analysis to give predictions, of which Baidu’s forecast accuracy rate for knockouts exceeds 90%. In the same year, google big data was applied to influenza prediction and prevention. In 2018, the mortality rate of patients can be predicted and also the chances of patients being hospitalized after discharge. These technologies have brought about a significant change in the market, medical care, and even human life.

We can think of the status quo of the universe as the influence of its past and its future. A knowledge that at some point, knows all the forces that make nature move, and all the positions of all natural matter. If this intelligence is enough to submit the data to the analysis, it will be contained in a single formula in the universe. The movement of the greatest objects and the tiniest atoms; for such intelligence, nothing is uncertain, and the future will appear in the immediate future.

Pierre Simon Laplace, a philosophical paper on probability

Although Laplace’s theory is denied by modern science, through the development of future technologies, it is not ruled out that humans’ ability to predict the future reaches the limit of 10¹²⁰ bit data, making predictions for the future accurate to human society.

2. In 2015, Microsoft Tay artificial intelligence login to Twitter began to imitate learning human language. Although it was hurriedly offline because it learned wrong racial discrimination, but if I don’t tell you it is AI, I think many people will not distinguish it.

In 2016, Japan’s Kizuna AI became a youtuber and up to know has millions of subscriptions.

The development of artificial intelligence is so rapid that it can be exchanged like a real person on social media and even become a star-winning fan. People’s acceptance of artificial intelligence does not seem to be affected by the image of anti-intellectual intelligence in science fiction movies. Whether this will lead to social unrest and human-to-human, human-to-artificial intelligence identity barriers remain to be studied.

3. In 2019, after successfully developing Alpha Go to win the human, google put his eyes on the Real-time Strategy game Starcraft II developed an AI Alpha Star defeated the number of professional players and the previous world champion. Some conspiracy theories say that the deep mind AI that developed a Real-time Strategy game is to prepare the AI ​​for military use in the next step. It’s hard to imagine that AI can not only attract fans with friends on social networks but also defeat humans in specific areas.

So what kind of reflection did I get from this course?

1. The rapid development of digital technology, the change of the world beyond the speed of people’s adaptation has led to a series of social problems.

2. The relevant science and technology professionals have insufficient thinking about the social impact after the development of science and technology, and the sociological researchers have not recognized the development speed of science and technology. As a result, people’s thinking is far from being dropped by technology. Many electronic technologies have rapidly changed human beings, and people have not predicted and prevented some adverse effects in advance. The combination of scientific and technological development and social thinking has led to a group of people who know little about science and technology in trying to control the social impact of rapid technology development, and scientists often ignore the social influence and indulge in their research to make technology development. The gap with human thought is getting bigger and bigger.

3. What is even more worrying is that we may not realize that human beings have been lapped in the long-distance race between humans and technology. We are analyzing digital technology for years or even a decade ago to explore the impact of these technologies on the future.

4. The use of digital technology has not been well used because of the lack of people’s thinking and the lack of analysis of social development. Merchants use most digital technologies so that technology that can create more value is only used for advertising, social media, user information collection, and so on. People are tired of targeted advertising and become a low-headed person immersed in spam, and always worry about their information security issues.

How can we solve these problems?

1. Strengthen the exchanges between social workers and scientific research workers, so that both sides can better understand the development speed of each other’s fields.

2. Use digital tools to predict the impact of digital technology on society (big data, artificial intelligence mentioned above). Digital technology is a tool that can influence our lives. We can also use it to predict and manage the impact of digital technology.

3. Awe of science and technology, never think that our thoughts control the impact of technology, and predict the development of science and technology.

4. The application of digital technology should have a more in-depth analysis. When a business group or organization masters technology, their products are always linked to profit, and the use of digital technology for people’s society is limited and misused. To change this condition requires scientific and sociologists to have better ideas about the use of digital technology to improve social issues such as malicious advertising, spam, and personal information leakage, and create a better digital society.

To sum up, technology are tools.

If we can’t understand the tools, we won’t be able to use the tools. If we use this tool before we learn how to use it, we may hurt ourselves. If we can’t use the tools ingeniously, Tools are just tools that don’t bring us too much efficiency. Compared with ordinary technology, digital technology is more difficult to be learned, mastered and ingeniously used as a tool because of its rapid development, rapid impact, a wide range of influence, and unpredictable future development. We should be aware of the combination of knowing and doing, and think about the use of digital technology to bring positive impact to society.

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