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Blog: The (Circular) Relationship Between Biology, Technology, and Physics

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality (as) artificial reality and virtual intelligence.

Biology. Technology. Physics. (Photo by Alex Knight)

Normally, when we talk about technology, these days, we reference ‘two’ domains: artificial intelligence, and, of course, virtual reality. Where both of these depend on the zero and the one (biology and physics, for example).

We can get creative with these ‘words,’ switch them up, a bit, to understand something more crucial to biology and physics, again, for example.

That is, the zero and the one, circumference and diameter (in mathematics), produces basic ‘reproduction’ (repetition, sequence). Where 0 and 1 are, necessarily, then, any (every) X and-or Y.

We can diagram this in order to understand it more thoroughly:

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter.
X and-or Y.
Reproduction. Repetition. Sequence.

Now we have the (mathematical) ‘fundamentals’ in place in order to understand the (mandatory) circular relationship between biology and physics. Again, any X and-or Y.

Biology. Physics.
And. Or.

In the diagram we see a ‘universe’ that has no scalar (or vector) dependencies. The diagram shows ‘two’ ways to articulate a circle, which allows us to visualize movement (reproduction) (a unit) at any scale (in any discipline). Also known as ‘behavior’ in general (universally).

Explaining why we have ‘scales,’ ‘scalars,’ ‘vectors,’ ‘dependencies,’ ‘units,’ and ‘behaviors,’ in general.

To and from. Here and there. Then and now.

This simplifies, and demonstrates, the basic requirement for models in general, turning a simple, universal, model, into virtual intelligence. Or, if you like, artificial ‘reality.’ (Artificial intelligence. Virtual reality.) Reality, and-or, intelligence, in general.

That is, you need a zero and a one (you cannot have a zero without a one) because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter. Where zero and one are circumference and diameter. Literally. And, of course, figuratively.

This explains how, and why, we are able to ‘abstract’ ideas in physics, mathematics, biology, and technology, using a simple zero, and, a ‘one.

Or, more realistically, a zero is a ‘one’ (at least, and at most, half-the-time). Again, explaining basic ‘movement’ (in technology, biology, physics) (in circuits, switches, sensors). 50–50 behavior, universally.

Again, the diagram demonstrates that ‘two’ is the more accurate ‘name’ (idea) for, what a human labels, identifies, and experiences, as ‘one.’

Two as one. Two is one.
Two from one. Two to one.

This explains why 50–50 is the ‘constant’ and the ‘norm,’ in general, and, why, the ‘variable’ is ‘constant’ (and, always, vice versa).

Again, a simple ‘circle’ is embedded in all abstractions, and we use, all of us, abstractions in order to understand, and communicate, ideas (symbolic representations of physical reality).

Again, this allows us to understand artificial intelligence and virtual reality more thoroughly. Where, artificial reality, and virtual intelligence are, actually, better descriptors for what is going on (beneath human observation).

That is, an observer and an observation, in any discipline, requires the conservation of a circle (ensures a circle is, always, conserved) no matter if we are the ‘observer’ or the ‘observation.’

Observer. Observation.

If you want to take it a step further, you can notice, if you think about it carefully, that pi, then, is in control of ‘reality’ (virtual and real). Meaning, pi is the mathematical description, and proof, for what a human labels ‘mind.’

That is, there is a forced, mandatory circular relationship between, again, what a human labels, mind and matter (mind and body). Explaining why we cannot explain what we think, exactly, and, or, what we feel, while we’re ‘feeling’ it. Intellect and emotion, like any X and-or Y, articulate (must conserve) an uber-basic circle.

Technologists (data scientists) (observers in general) understand we have to use our mind on an abstract ‘level’ in order to create (digital) ‘reality’ on a concrete level. Because, again, quite simply, there is an embedded ‘circle’ between abstract and concrete reality.

Therefore, it is very easy to imagine everything as (circularly) related to everything else, moving us ‘out of the imaginary matrix,’ and into an ‘uber-simple’ circle. Again, as diagrammed below (and, also, above).

Above. Below.

That is, you cannot have biology without physics, and, always vice versa, because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter (no matter what you call it). Meaning, it all expands, and reduces, necessarily, and, quite naturally, to the conservation of a circle.

Conservation of a circle.

Conservation of the circle is easily observed: core dynamic in Nature. Responsible for biology, technology, physics, basic (and complex) math. Explaining your behavior, and mine. Your connection, through this article, to me, and my connection, through technology, to you. Providing the explanation, for all of us, for ‘why we do what we do, when, and, also, how, we do it.’

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