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Interview with GJEF on AI and the future of humanity

A rare interview with Godfrey Jeremiah on AI and the future of humanity. This is the transcript of that interview that has caused many to ask questions about who we are, where we are and the destiny of humankind. The trend in technology spanning from about twenty years to this time presents to us a predictable future, an imaginative fate of our kinds.

In truth, someone in the past used his power and influence, somehow, to make sure that the knowledge of who we are and where we are is completely hidden from future generations. That knowledge is lost or hidden forever from us and there was an ulterior motive to that. The agenda was to gain absolute control over the people.

The true history of our past, I mean the origin of humankind and how civilizations evolved, is lost. Our history is altered primarily to suit a secret agenda. There are obviously several missing links with the history we have. The whole history that was passed through ages to us is nothing close to the half-truth.

This interview has unveiled clues to the truth about our true history; our through identity and the reality we are in. Godfrey shared a brief story about his life to present the trend in technology he had experienced from his time and now. The trend in technology serves as a clue to us, to presume correctly what must have happened in the past and what our fate is.

The transcript from that interview is presented below:

Question-1: How did you learn the skills you have now?

Response from Godfrey: When I was growing up, I found my passion for learning and developing computer-related skills amongst others. My first exposure to computers ignited my interest to explore what I can achieve by learning how to use it.

Question-2: You seem to have developed a lot of computer skills. What inspired you into it?

Response from Godfrey: Well at first, I was trying my hands on different skills to see which of the skills I’d be exceptionally good at and secondly, to be able to teach others. I was attracted to learning computer skills and all these skills I have developed are just product of that attraction I had. I think in my own opinion and experience, these skills are required and in demand to follow this career path. I knew we were evolving into the computer age and that it would be a disaster to be left behind, especially knowing my future would someday depend on it.

Question-3: Did you find any difficulty while learning these skills, at that time?

Response from Godfrey: Yes, I had several challenges. First was financial support and the enabling environment. It was quite a difficult time for my parents at that time to fund my education or any form of training, and I was dependent on them. There was no computer school in the community where I was. The only one at that time was miles away. And even that closest computer school was not standard or accredited.

There was no competent computer instructor as very few people had computer skills. Besides, the infrastructures were not available to pursue such a career path. People, the government inclusive were more interested in mineral resources such as crude oil. The information and communication technology only had little attention at that time. There were the challenges and equally an opportunity I thought I must embrace.

To add, getting a personal computer was just a wish, a dream that might not be actualized. Computers were too expensive. No one would even think of connecting the Internet into their private residence except large companies, business centers and private individuals who are extravagantly rich.

Question-4: How did you find your way out of these difficulties, that they didn’t stop you from developing the computer skills you had?

Response from Godfrey: I think I was wired to follow this path. My desire, passion, and interest to learn were beyond my control. I had a strong drive to develop computer-related skills and really cannot say for certain what ignited that spark. The challenges were not strong enough to quench that spark. As they always say where there is a will, there will be a way. Hence my will was stronger than the obstacles.

Question-5: Can you share some of the steps you took that helped you surmount the challenges?

Response from Godfrey: First, I took advantage of the presence of a Cyber Cafe, a business center where I had access to public computers. The computers were connected to the Internet with very poor signal strength. The place was always overcrowded. There was always a queue to buy tickets and another, to use the computers. Sometimes, when it gets to your turn to use any of the computers, power goes off or the Internet signal goes down indefinitely. It was that bad.

My best friend at that time introduced me to this place. Besides, he taught me how to use the Internet; I mean to surf the Internet using Internet Explorer, which was the only browser available. Since my first experience, I continued to visit the center so I could use their computers.

Later, I registered for a diploma in computer basics. My interest went wild from this point. It became the birthplace of my journey in learning more computer-related skills. I could remember handling the computers and performing unexpected tasks as if I had had real professional experience with computers before. Even my instructor was amazed and designated me to teach others who were taking the course. As a result, I realized I could become a computer instructor too. So I continued to take more computer lessons. My primary aim was to start earning as an Instructor. The saying goes, the best way to learn is to teach.

Finally, I needed to get my personal computer. It was my first year at the university, meeting my graduating friends who wanted to sell off their computers. I could only afford their box-like monitor with the hope of getting a system unit later on.

Then I met a new friend who was in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He had a motherboard which he had dismantled from one of his old computers. He freely gave it to me and encouraged me to get other components piece by piece. It was the best gift I ever received at that moment. It was an opportunity for me to learn the technical aspects of computers. I became a computer technician as a result. First, learning from my friend and then registered for hardware technician courses to become certified. I became obsessed with my computer hardware. I started earning with the skills, fixing other students’ broken computers.

Circumstances which came with opportunities helped me in surmounting the challenges I had. This experience made me believe that life happens to us in a way that’s influenced by our intentions or needs. It taught me a lesson I will never forget; that our innermost wish would materialize itself if we continue to dare the paths of opportunities.

Now at this age, getting a personal computer is no longer a big deal. We can easily access the Internet anywhere with our smartphones.

Question-6: You’re full of lessons to share especially with the younger generation. Looking back to where you started and this present time, what can you say has changed?

Response from Godfrey: A lot has changed! Everything is happening very fast. I am not exactly sure if it’s our perceptions that have changed. But I can categorically trace the changes to the advancement in technology, especially the information and communication technology. Information travels very fast with the speed of light. Access to information is now within the tip of a finger. It has revolutionized all existing industries.

We are all evolving very fast into a future that is not far away. The foreseeable future is quite scary. A few years from now, we would not need any of these devices to communicate or to do the usual tasks because we would all become the devices. We are gradually evolving into becoming these devices we constantly bend our heads towards. It would no longer be humans sitting in front of computers but humans becoming computers. Soon humans would become digitized.

Question-7: What is your take on Artificial Intelligence and Simulated Reality?

Response from Godfrey: The discussions of Artificial Intelligence and Simulated Reality have been going around lately. I am not surprised because it is the next phase of technology which is already happening. I think the world is going through a cycle and we, as humans are approaching the end of that cycle. Artificial Intelligence poses an existential threat to humanity. Though, not in the way they describe it. It has nothing to do with built robots. All these robots they display at conferences are just a model of what we would become. We humans would evolve into Artificial Intelligence. We would become the Artificial Intelligence. The machines we’ve created are already making us into robots in a way we can’t even see. This is a pandora’s box that’s already opened. Allow me to use the term this way- This is the Matrix of humanity, our next evolution.

The end of humanity is not the way we know it. The evolution of humans into machines would be the end of humanity. These machines would cause great chaos to everything. They would eventually create a god who would destroy them and everything that they have polluted. That god would create humans again. The cycle would continue till infinity.

The theory of us living in a simulated reality; the real question is, what is Reality? Do we understand Reality? What is life? What does it mean to be alive? Who can confidently tell the beginning of time? What is Time? How well do we know humanity? These are some few questions yet unanswered. 
Until we find definite answers to these questions, I presume we’re living in a kind of game. There is a limit to how much we can know and do. We’re just like codes in a computer. No matter how we try to rewrite these codes, we can’t beat our Creator to it.

Question-8: How do you mean, when you said, we’re like codes in a computer? Are we truly living in a simulated Reality?

Response from Godfrey: It’s the exact way it sounds but understand this is just presumption. I may not have concrete empirical evidence to support this claim. We are all trying to find interpretations of this reality, which we call Life. Religion, Science including Philosophy are all interpretations of reality. Since the inception of humanity, man has been trying to find what best interprets his experience in the world he has found himself. We want to know who we are, where we are, why we are here and what our fate is beyond this world. And unfortunately, none of these interpretations has provided enough information to this.

All the best brains put together cannot crack the fabric of this reality we are all in. That tells us something. We are not in control. Each of us is living a scripted life without even knowing. We’re embedded into this reality. Ponder on this, not in the mundane sense. Instead, in a way outside you. Each time I explore the current advanced games and virtual reality, it projects my thoughts back and forth, on the possibility of a more advanced civilization before ours created this system. Our origin is still a mystery.

Question-9: Does this mean there is a far more intelligent being out there and we are not alone on this planet?

Response from Godfrey: They’re the controllers of the game we are in (laughs) and know perfectly how the game works. They created it. We’re of course, not alone and that shouldn’t be a surprise to us. Of course, the controller of a game is not necessarily the maker of the game, so there are possibilities that the game was created by a higher intelligent being.

Question-10: You mean Aliens or ETs? Are they Aliens or ETs amongst us? We’ve been seeing footages of UFOs flying in the sky recently. Do they come from outer space? Are you referring to Aliens when you said “higher intelligent being”? or you’re referring to God?

Response from Godfrey: (smiling) They are all deceptions. Do not fall for it. What you call aliens, ETs and all that — they were humans. This is deeper than you can imagine. It’s not in my place to disclose what this is all about. UFOs, the flying saucer-like aircraft are products of our technology. They do not come from outer space because there is no outer space in the real sense. We, humans, are capable of doing things that are beyond imaginations. Discoveries in science and technology have placed in our fingertips the ability to do almost the impossible. The truth is, the technology we see today have been in existence for a very long time.

And when I said higher intelligent being, I was referring to those outside us. I meant those outside the framework of our existence.

Question-11: One question people have been asking for a long time — When would the world end? What would it be like?

Response from Godfrey: This planet once had a visitor. He came in the form of a man. History had it that he was born of a virgin mother. During his time on this planet, he was asked the same question. His response was quite fascinating. He said, be careful no one deceives you — meaning there will be deceptions. Then he made mention of what would happen to the sun, the moon, the stars, and powerful things in the sky will move from their usual places. When these things happen, know the end has come.

The real question here is, how would these things happen? We would make these things happen. There will be an increase in knowledge and advancement in technology that would cause us to play God. We would have control over nature — the sun, the moon, and the stars. Nature’s forces would be at our command. Michio Kaku stated rightly that the Age of Discovery in science is coming to a close, opening up an Age of Mastery. Watch out for customization of our weather patterns as the technology already exist that we can now use to control the weather. The end is not too far from now.

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