ProjectBlog: The Age of FOMO 2019 : Endgame Edition

Blog: The Age of FOMO 2019 : Endgame Edition

The Age of FOMO 2019 : Endgame Edition

We live in the age of FOMO. In our quest for meaning, we have replaced our belief in the quest for divine redemption and salvation in the afterlife with the quest for hedonistic gratification in the realm of the mere mortals. In the realm of the here and now.

And so we should continue to struggle as a species.

We continue to define ourselves by the brands we wear, the cars we drive, and the flavour of avocado toast we choose to eat for breakfast.

We choose to live in denial of the undeniable fact that we have failed as a species to live upto the ideals that we profess to hold dear.

And we choose to hide behind the facade of conspicuous consumption and inconspicuous disregard for the very values we claim to stand for.

Another year has rolled by and our species has continued its march into the future in the age of Homo Deus. To paraphrase Yuval Noah Harari, one of the greatest philosophers of our age, our species continues to engage in endeavors that are simultaneously, incredibly smart and incredibly stupid at the same time.

It is time for our species to build something we can be proud of. It is time for us to embrace the idea that we don’t just have to aspire to stand for great ideals but for us to engage in meaningful progress towards attaining those ideals.

It is time for us to become the Gods that we aspire to become and to live up to the title of Homo Deus : The Age of the Divine Humans.

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