ProjectBlog: TensorFlow Ideal for Large Scale Machine Learning

Blog: TensorFlow Ideal for Large Scale Machine Learning

TensorFlow — Ideal for Large Scale Machine Learning

TensorFlow is an open source system that comes from Google applied for big scale machine learning process for deep ideas. This software library is utilized for numerical computations through the help of data flow graphs. Further, this was originally created by the Google Brain group for the research and production drives on its own products and it was released under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

If you already tried the new photos app of Google, then you must be surprised by the depth of its artificial intelligence. It makes use of TensorFlow to determine placed based on their landmarks and characteristics. Further, Google utilizes its AI system to identify spoken words, translate from to another language and to enhance internet search results.


  • PORTABILITY. TensorFlow can play around an idea on your computer without having any hardware support. It works on CPUs, GPUs, servers, and desktops as well as mobile computing platforms. You can also use a trained model as a part of the product, and that is how it serves as a portability feature.
  • FLEXIBILITY. You need to show your computation as data flow graph to utilize TensorFlow. It’s a highly flexible system that offers several models or different versions of the same model could be served at the same time. Moreover, its architecture is extremely modular that denotes you can utilize some parts or use all the parts all together.
  • AUTO DIFFERENTIATION. It is composed of differentiation capabilities that profit gradient-based machine learning algorithms. You can express the computational architecture of the predictive model, mix it with your objective function and add data to it as TensorFlow deals with derivatives computing process automatically. You can also compute your derivatives of some values with respect to other values result in graph extension.
  • PERFORMANCE. In case you didn’t know yet, TensorFlow enables you to maximize your available hardware along with its advanced support for threads, queues, and asynchronous computation. You need to assign compute elements of TensorFlow graph to several devices and allow it to manage the copies. It also organizes you with the language choices to conduct your computation graph.
  • RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION. It can be utilized to train and serve different models in live mode to those real customers. Simply put, rewriting codes isn’t required at the same time the industrial researchers could apply their own ideas to products quickly. Academic researchers could share their codes with greater reproducibility. This helps to conduct research processes and production processes a lot faster.

In the end, you can tell that machine learning serves as a crucial ingredient when we talk about to enhancing the effectiveness of several existing technologies. What are you waiting for? Talk to use now more about how TensorFlow could benefit you and your business.

The author is associated with iDeators, it’s a Data Science training institute based out of mumbai — thane.

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