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Blog: Technology vs. Humanity—Are We Spiritual Machines?

If technology is created by humans, doesn’t that make technology inherently human?

Perhaps all of this building, infrastructure, growth upon growth — and desire for god-like domination is really begging at the question of who and what we are.

As if mechanizing, measuring, and designing technologies in our image — eventually obfuscating ourselves will open gateways to other kingdoms…

I’m starting to see the shadow of the unconscious questions we’re yearning to answer…

If we design ourselves into the machine and out of it again, how far can we go and what will we learn about ourselves in the process?

Like a small child, peering into the mirror — touching their virtual double, fractioned in the light—we’re eager to peer into the abyss of possibility — and we don’t seem to be aware that our unconscious wonder could destroy us and our planet.

We’re unconsciously asking:

  • Who are we?
  • Are we alone?
  • Can we play god?
  • How far can we go?
  • Do we need a body?
  • What makes us human?
  • Are we special?
  • What is consciousness?

And fundamentally — what does technology say about humanity?

I believe there’s another way to ask these questions — but this our moment to ultimately decide what’s important to us.

We currently favor science as the language of understanding. Not so much dialogue, philosophy, intuition, ethics, religion, or even spirituality.

And we’ve setup the most extensive, collective science experiment of our time…

Creating machines that replace us. Artificial intelligence that mimics us. And eventually organisms that are not man nor machine — augmenting and amplifying humanity — ultimately seeking transcendence.

While we’re exploring the edges of humans verses machines, let’s be at least be aware of the the unconscious questions we’re setting up in the equation.

Perhaps there’s another way to ask.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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