ProjectBlog: Tech & Telecom news — Apr 26, 2019

Blog: Tech & Telecom news — Apr 26, 2019


Amazon’s revenues grew “just” +17% yoy (to $59.7bn/Q) in 1Q19, with the impressive growth in cloud (+41% to $7.7bn/Q) and advertising (+34% to $2.7bn/Q) offset by a slowdown in international sales (+9%) and lack of momentum in the emerging “physical retail” category (including Amazon Go and Whole Foods) (Story)

Amazon also honored tradition yesterday, and announced plans to reinvest a significant fraction of their profits to put their core e-commerce business in better shape: They will spend $800m in 2Q19 to improve the customer experience, offering 1-day (instead of 2-day today) free shipping for Prime customers in the US (Story)


Artificial Reality

Fortnite’s owners Epic Games are partnering with the leading Augmented Reality startup Magic Leap to give 500 AR headsets to make it easier for developers in their “Epic MegaGrants” program to build new AR applications, obviously with games at the center, but including also enterprise and academic projects (Story)


Amazon’s performance in digital advertising is now a highlight in their results, after they’ve become a clear #3 in the market, only behind “oligopolists” Google and Facebook. So analysts are now a bit disappointed that the growth rate in the segment seems to be slowing down (from +97% yoy in 4Q18 to +34% in 1Q19) (Story)


Regulatory pressure on Facebook’s online advertising business model is increasing in the US. After news this week of a potential FTC fine between $3bn and $5bn, for privacy issues, now another data protection probe has been launched in NY, and many see all this as just “the tip of the iceberg” for what’s to come (Story)



Intel’s shares fell -7% after hours yesterday, after the company presented an in-line set of 1Q19 results but reported a decline in demand for data center chips and a -6% yoy decline in revenues for the segment (30% of total sales), the first quarterly fall in 7 years. They also reduced their guidance for 2019, accordingly (Story)


A few months ago everyone thought that the global conflict around Huawei would have very positive implications for other network vendors. But Nokia’s results yesterday show an increasing competitive pressure in the 5G equipment space, which has penalized the company’s P&L and sent their shares down -9% yesterday (Story)

The new 5G service by Verizon has received mixed reviews, but a sign of how it’s actually performing, up to now, came yesterday with the announcement that they were canceling the +$10/month premium they had started to impose on 5G data plans. The very limited initial coverage could have been a key factor in this (Story)

Quantum Computing

IBM continues working to lead the nascent Quantum Computing market, still focused on increasing awareness and developing new talent. The company’s IBM Q Network of partners is now expanding to a group of global universities, looking to accelerate joint research and develop new specific curricula in this field (Story)


Artificial Intelligence

Walmart is moving fast to avoid being disrupted by Amazon, and is very active in experimenting with technology to transform the experience at physical stores, including an intensive use of AI systems supported by cameras and displays, to eliminate traditional checkout stations and radically improve the restock process (Story)

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