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Blog: Survey Report

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the past decade has caused a lot of fear and anxiety for society mainly due to their ability to stimulate humans intelligence. As AI continues to grow, it is significant that we regulate them strictly and makes sure that everyone can be safe around AI. With the current AI we have, I am curious to learn more about how society feels about AI and how has AI impact their life. For my study, I decided to conduct a short survey about AI and have them fill it out through the site SurveyMonkey.


For my study, I have 32 participants, ranged from below 18 to 40 which makes the study sample age diverse. Most participants age between 18 to 25 and they do not have a job, meaning they are probably a student and do not have time to work. Based on the result of the survey, it was surprising for me to learn about how fast AI’s popularity is growing in the past decades, that almost everyone, at any age, is familiar or at least mindful of AI existence. Since today’s world is all about technology, it is expected of me to see roughly about 90% of the participant’s age between 18 to 25 to said to be someone who enjoys technology in the survey since they are most likely to be the group of people who uses technology the most unlike other groups of people. The 10% of participants who said no are the people in the 30–40 age range which shows how older people tend to stay away from technology and are more traditional. When it comes to asking about how participants feel about having AI implemented to their home and devices, most participants say they feel both excited and scary at the same time which might because of how participants do not feel safe letting AI collecting their data just for better service.

What I find most interesting from this survey is the fact that almost everyone is informed about AI, but not everyone is ready for it to be a part of their life, especially when it comes to letting AI make life-or-death decisions. In the survey, the responses that involved asking participants about how they feel on AI services are almost equally divided which indicates how not everyone is willing to let AI make life-or-death decisions even if the AI has 99% success rate to complete its task.


In conclusion, the result of the survey gives me an overall view of how people feel about AI and how it changed their lives. The outcome also shows me how people make decisions on whatever they should trust AI or not. If the AI services are risk-free, people are more than willing to have AI implemented anywhere in their houses or devices as long as AI services are useful to them. However if a particular AI service such as self-driving cars, people tend to be skeptical and some if not most will not trust AI ability to drive and is more likely to not need that service in their lives.

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