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Blog: Super Parents With AI Robots

Your parents can be superheroes for you

Photo by Nicolos N from Dribbble

The age of technology has come a long time ago and artificial intelligence continues to appear in various areas of our life. Many people already use Artificial Intelligence assistants which instead of them sign up to various events, buy products or monitor their health. And, of course, great interest to us is the use of these robots to help parents in raising their children and housekeeping. Just imagine how useful it will be for parents with several children, most of whom are small, or for single mothers with several children and working to feed their families. And the value of these robots for teaching young children is simply indescribable, for most young mothers it’s difficult to teach children basic things, or help kids in primary schools. Let’s see how these robots can be used to help parents.

AI Babysitters

Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

In fact lately, the number of single mothers is increasing logarithmically. Also now there are many families where both parents work and the children are monitored by either a grandmother or a nanny, or they are all in kindergartens. In any case, it is worth paying attention to the fact that many parents are not able to give their children proper attention and follow them, and in most cases, they spend money to have someone follow them and teach them something new.

Now imagine what will happen if these parents have a robot that can replace the babysitter, and this robot will have the voice of parents and communication with parents to contact them constantly and report on the status of their child. It should be understood that these robots will be much more versatile than the nannies of people because they will know and be able to do more, they will cook food much better and in the right proportions. And of course they will be more interest to children because it’s the robots, children want to play with them.

AI Toys

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

Just imagine that the toys of your child are artificial intelligence and are able when playing with your child, to monitor his condition, monitor his behavior, emotions and then report to you about it and report if something is wrong with his health or mental state. It will be an indispensable tool for parents because when playing with toys for children you can learn a lot because most children can behave rudely with toys, or show love and care. And, of course, it is important for each parent to know what qualities are inherent in his child, what his mental state is and whether he needs help. And if you equip these toys with cameras, then parents will be able to monitor their children online and watch them, for example, it may be interesting for parents who are away.

AI homework helpers

Photo by Jeremy Avery on Unsplash

Most parents face a problem when their children go to school related to learning assistance. And this is not surprising, because most of them have finished school long ago, forgot the entire school curriculum and have many other household chores. Now just imagine that these parents will have a robot assistant who will monitor their children’s school performance. This robot will check their homework, help write essays and solve math tasks and explain them, help to understand the topics on which this child has bad grades.

Parents will have a lot of time, they will be able not to follow the school assessments of their children every day, instead, this will be done by the AI robot and it will make weekly reports for parents describing all the topics studied by the children, their evaluations and weekly progress. Because if you are not strong in a specific task, it is better to entrust it to another, and in this case, a robot who knows everything and can help and explain absolutely any school topic.

The emergence of robot helpers for parents can make life easier for many of them. Of course, this will change a lot in families, now parents will have more free time, which they will need to properly use to communicate with children and help them in becoming personalities. Robots will change our lives and I believe that only for the better, so do not fear it.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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