ProjectBlog: Sunday Reading — April 28, 2019

Blog: Sunday Reading — April 28, 2019

Sunday Reading — April 28, 2019

Docked: Hackers gained access to a Docker Hub database that exposed sensitive information for approximately 190,000 users. The breached data included usernames, hashed passwords in addition to tokens for GitHub and Bitbucket repositories. From Motherboard:

Experts Motherboard spoke to said that, in a worst-case scenario, the hackers would have been able to access proprietary source code from some of those accounts. Specifically, Docker allows developers to run software packages known as “containers.” It is used by some of the largest tech companies in the world, though it is not yet publicly known what information was accessed and which companies’ accounts were affected.

Flash storage winners and losers: From Block and Files:

The all-flash array storage market is growing strong and Dell and NetApp are the winners. It is far too soon to pick out the losers, but can the next tier of AFA vendors — Pure Storage, HPE and IBM — pick up the pace? All three are growing more slowly than the market as whole.

Your CS degree won’t prepare you for…

From Hackernoon:

  1. Dealing with angry users
  2. Building around hacky, legacy code
  3. Other engineers

AI Ethics: The Partnership on AI has released a report that condemned the use of algorithmic risk assessment scores for pre-trial criminal bail process. Scores from the risk assessment are used by officials to determine whether those accused should be released or remain in jail. The problem? Which tech companies support the report? From Quartz:

This leaves the Partnership’s report on an awkward footing. The reason why the Partnership on AI has validity and expertise on large-scale implementation of technology is due to its support from major tech companies, but those companies are also unwilling to publicly support potentially contentious work the Partnership does.


Apr 30-May 1 F8 San Jose

Apr 30 — May 3 ODCS East Boston

May 6–8 Microsoft Build Seattle

May 7–9 Google I/O Mountain View

May 13–15 Consensus New York

One last thing…

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