ProjectBlog: Submit Your Video to Better AI

Blog: Submit Your Video to Better AI

Why publish a video on Better AI?

You can reach a wide audience, spark intriguing conversations about artificial intelligence, and create meaningful connections with our network, all while making money through Medium’s Creator Program (writers will keep 100% of the earnings).

Similar to written posts, you will still have complete ownership with the right to edit and delete at any time.

Ways to contribute

We have two different video formats:
 — Explain a research paper (maximum of 20 minutes): Use your own words to summarize a research paper.
 — Give a tutorial (maximum of 60 minutes): Teach something new about data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.

To become a creator, please send a video sample (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long — it may be helpful to introduce yourself!) to as well as:
– The topic you are covering in the sample video
– Your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile
– Any additional notes: if you would like your article published on a certain date, etc. 
Please make sure to read Medium’s Curation Guidelines before submitting!

After we review your video, we will publish it! You can also share the video on any other social media platforms.

Happy creating!

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