ProjectBlog: Strengthen Medicine Using Deep Learning with Doctus AI

Blog: Strengthen Medicine Using Deep Learning with Doctus AI

We know that doctors and pharmaceutical technology are of great importance in the diagnosis, follow-up, and treatment of diseases. We are also well aware that healthcare is probably the first field that is influenced rapidly and intensely by the developing technology. Robotic systems are indispensable aids in hospitals. Machines assist many healthcare personnel in the tests and evaluation of the physiological data, as well as the imaging and interpretation level. As a result, we see that these assistants are becoming more and more intelligent. Especially the developments in the field of artificial intelligence make it possible to diagnose diseases that are considered fatal more successfully and earlier.

According to studies and statistics, approximately 40% of women and men are diagnosed with cancer throughout their lives. This is a very serious rate. In the United States, about 600,000 people die annually due to cancer.

Due to the rapid development of drug technology this ratio is gradually decreasing. The good news is that many cancer types are diseases that can be treated with early detection. In recent years, thanks to the successful results received by deep learning, the developments in the pharmaceutical sector as well as medical applications, diagnostics, disease monitoring and effective and efficient applications in the treatment process began to take place in daily life. We have an optimistic forecast that smart systems will be integrated into the healthcare industry with a wide range of uses.

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A wide variety of imaging techniques are used in the medical field. RGB imaging, multichannel imaging, radio frequency imaging, and for these different images machine learning algorithms are quite successful in revealing complex information and relationships within images. Intelligence models and algorithms continue to evolve day by day. However, the data that need to be collected to obtain the best results are enormously important. More importantly, there are also some points where it is possible to recognize the diseases that have not yet shown their symptoms by evaluating the individual’s’ past data.

Doctus AI; develops applications that work integrated with skin images and other physiological data and supports the dermatologists. For this, we utilize deep learning methods. With the help of intelligent algorithms in the diseases evaluated from the image, we can access many different features of the image and thus enable healthcare personnel to make a more effective evaluation. This way, both the treatment process can be applied more quickly, and it becomes possible to prevent surgical intervention when not required. These positive results show that deep learning algorithms and the physicians who work with them can revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Let us not forget that a hospital without a doctor is not possible. However, smart applications are inevitable to assist doctors who increase their workload every day. It will be indispensable very soon.

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