ProjectBlog: Story of Saidot and my personal pivot to AI responsibility

Blog: Story of Saidot and my personal pivot to AI responsibility

It’s a big day — having put everything you can for something you feel really important, and now being face to face with a moment of making your work visible to others. Saidot started from my personal frustration — seeing how important transparency of AI is for the future of each one of us, and not being able to find too many meaningful ways to act on it. What started as a personal frustration has turned into a mission of a whole company, people sharing the same passion for helping companies, governments, and organizations develop and deploy responsible AI ecosystems. Creating trust through transparency.

‍Saidot will launch its very first release, Release 1, on Thursday March 28. From then on, there is a platform for organizations and ecosystems to start acting on AI transparency. In a year, the frustration has evolved into something that we can call a start of an amazing journey. It’s a journey we want to go to with our friends.

Today we’re about to open our work for handful of people we think very highly of, our closest AI ethics friends from around the world. It feels right to celebrate the new beginnings with the ones we know are putting their everything for the same purpose, driving human-centric, responsible AI. While preparing for our pre-launch today, I put down some notes on the things that have been priority for us while developing the platform we have in our hands today.

I’m going to share it with you all — I feel this summarizes how the success looks like to us when we look at times ahead of us:

• Embracing transparency and human accountability as fundamental, foundational elements of responsible, human-centric AI

• Helping our customers, responsible AI organizations, move from principles to practice in AI ethics

• Enabling supply chain collaboration — AI responsibility happens in ecosystems, and everyone’s accountability counts

• Flexibility in transparency — acknowledging varying needs and skills of stakeholders, the users of transparency, as well as companies’ willingness and need to protect their IP’s

• Enablement of third parties — desire to help others, various parties in AI ethics and trust services, create and operate AI responsibility services effectively

We’ll leave it to you all evaluate how we’ve succeeded. Most importantly, if you’re inspired by these targets, we want to invite you to this same journey. Let’s have a look where does it take us all.

And oh, thank you Saidot team and our pilot customers, you’re amazing!



CEO & Co-Founder, Saidot

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