ProjectBlog: State-of-the-art AI poetry (May 2019)

Blog: State-of-the-art AI poetry (May 2019)

This is a very quick recap of work that is entirely by Ross Goodwin

OpenAI’s GPT-2 is shaking up the world of AI for everyday written language. It’s so powerful they’re being very careful what they release and how.

Ross Goodwin has a long history of using machine learning on text to create artful prose and so he’s very well set-up to harness this new tech when it comes.

This post a quick snapshot of very recent work to share what to me is a tremendously fun and inspiring space: the future of AI creativity.

I’ll start with what Ross describes as the most haunting one, created by entering the single word “guilt” into Ross’s own customisation of GPT-2:

Transcribed via Google Keep:

The Way Ahead
Someone is leading a lover,
first toward death or saddest limits
then toward the meaningful life.
It’s not that he didn’t like death,
or too literal, but the quickness
of his fingers, automatic,
makes it almost seem like he wants
to carve out space between the dead.
It’s not that he doesn’t like machines,
or not like the trash that sits
outside his door, not even
with his wife, or that the light
on his dark room makes him
too human. The quickness
of his fingers, automatic,
pulls me to this particular
shape, like a machine
killing machine. But I can see
the logical thing
to do, close the window
that I cannot close.

Then a triptych. Google Keep doesn’t do a perfect job of text transcription so I’ve not done that legwork for these ones.

Other work by Ross

Short documentary on the creation of Goodwin’s book “1 the road”, an homage to Kerouac’s “On the road”

Starring David Hasselhoff, written by Ross Goodwin’s Benjamin 2.0

The first film written entirely by AI. It named itself Benjamin.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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