ProjectBlog: Startup Playbook: Dealing with Competition

Blog: Startup Playbook: Dealing with Competition

Knowing how to outpace competition is a difficult yet essential part of entrepreneurship. For a new startup, larger competing companies may have more resources, more employees, or more brand recognition. Yet there are strategies small product teams can employ to effectively take on competition. Matt Schlicht, CEO of Octane AI, has developed a methodology that has worked for his team, the cornerstone of which is focusing on a vertical.


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Show notes

Matt Schlicht, CEO of Octane AI (2:22)

Octane AI is an e-commerce chatbot that enables Shopify merchants to communicate directly with their customers through Facebook messenger

Phil’s video about dealing with competition

Chatbots Magazine is an online publication that has helped establish Octane AI as a voice in the chatbot space

Ecommerce Magazine is another publication that gives Octane AI an opportunity to be at the forefront of e-commerce conversations

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Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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