ProjectBlog: Some brief thoughts on AI

Blog: Some brief thoughts on AI

by Efrain Silva

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Difference between AI and ML?

ML is a subsequent form of AI. But it takes things a whole lot deeper. It engages what’s known as “Deep Learning”. It focuses more on quantifiable accuracy. AI is more broad, and is more success-metrics based, but in a different way.

What more about AI?

Intel-based algorithms say it all in this numbers game. And AI is far more focused on “success” than Machine Learning. It engages self-learning, with some referential data points. The goal, ultimately, is to have it be all-sufficient and 100% self-sustained.

What’s a practical application for it?

AI can enhance retail. Amazon is the perfect example. Greater “shelf intelligence” is one major key factor here. Through computer vision (an AI compartment), for instance, such a business has made milestone leaps, in this respect, engaging digitized shelf transactions, automated checkout, virtual store displays and multitudinous other capabilities.

Surprise me with something I “probably don’t know” about AI. Can you?

Did you know AI has already engaged the “beauty” industry? In fact, it’s quickly begun to take it by storm altogether. Last year, L’Oreal acquired Modiface, an AR startup.

This is highly unheard of for any beauty industry businesses. Since then, it’s created a mobile app known as Style My Hair, which permits its users to literally try different hairstyles, but virtually. This was a first, and a start to something more, one can hope…..

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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