ProjectBlog: Solve Business Problems with Process Automation

Blog: Solve Business Problems with Process Automation

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Are you still doing business at the speed of paper? By the end of this year, 40% of enterprises will have process automation technology in place.* Business Process Automation (BPA) alleviates delays and inaccuracies in business processes with software such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), workflow, and Intelligent Automation (IA) that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to further automate non-routine processes and more complex information. How could the following automation opportunities solve problems for your enterprise and keep you ahead of the competition?


  • Automatically route documents through any business process to enhance accessibility and productivity
  • Increase speed of business processing by automating time-consuming manual tasks, and sending critical data directly to other line-of-business (LOB) applications
  • Keep track of the status of contracts, invoices, and other critical documents to improve business focus and employee productivity


  • Maintain information accuracy and consistency by eliminating human error from hand-keyed data entry, and manual document sorting
  • Instantly know where all documents are at any given time and never lose one again
  • Ensure complex files are securely processed and use e-signatures to approve documents more quickly and easily


  • Reduce your cost per document processed by managing files electronically
  • Bypass process delays to avoid fines, earn early payment discounts, and reduce operating costs
  • Save money on new-hires, paper, printers, ink, and storage by automating all paper-related business processes

“Automation tools and systems could take on tasks that would be equal to the output of 110 million to 140 million full-time equivalents. It is possible that this incremental productivity could have as much as $5.2 trillion to $6.7 trillion in economic impact annually by 2025.” — McKinsey & Company, McKinsey Global Institute 2013

*Forrester 2017

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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