ProjectBlog: Software toolkit for narrative practice.

Blog: Software toolkit for narrative practice.

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At Narrafy we are building a symbiosis between human civilization and Artificial Intelligence. In September 2018 at Intellisys In London, UK, we presented a two-year long research effort on artificial intelligence.

Narrafy at Intellisys, September 2018, London UK.

Our research benefited from an emerging field in mental health called narrative therapy. Such ideas as absent but implicit in problematic stories people share in therapy could help develop a powerful, yet beneficial artificial intelligence. 
This year in July, we are presenting how the field of artificial intelligence could help and further develop the emerging field on narrative practice. In Antwerp Belgium, at the European+ conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, we will present a prototype and demo of a software toolkit to help a practitioner in his day-to-day work. We believe that only a tight collaboration between disciplines that seem unrelated could advance human civilization to an age when it lives in a domestic partnership with various AI agents. Thanks to Psiterra Association for introducing us into a very rich world of narrative exploration and see you in Antwerp, the diamond capital of Europe.

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