ProjectBlog: Singularity Net. Where A.I and Blockchain meet.

Blog: Singularity Net. Where A.I and Blockchain meet.

The past decade has brought a wave of new technology and applications that haven’t yet seen their usefulness brought to market. Blockchain is one of those creations. But, if you haven’t heard of blockchain, you’ve probably heard of bitcoin. Blockchain is a system of records stored across multiple computers. The usefulness come in the fact that the records are stored on many different systems making changing them after a block is instantiated nearly impossible. Bitcoin is such a blockchain system and the records are the ownership and transactions of bitcoin.


SingularityNET is a blockchain based company started by well known A.I scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel.

Dr. Goertzel has helped pioneer the machine learning industry taking lead positions in companies like Aidyia Holdings and Hanson Robotics. He is well known as the face of the Sophia(who has become somewhat or a star herself) robot project. Dr. Goertzel defines intelligence as the ability to detect patterns in the world and in the agent itself, measurable in terms of emergent behavior of “achieving complex goals in complex environments”

His most recent venture SingularityNET raised 36 million in its ICO.(initial coin offering) With the goal of democratizing artificial intelligence through the use of blockchain.

The problem is everyone has data and many times off the shelf A.I wont do. But only the big companies who can afford to hire on machine learning engineers or data scientists(like me) to solve their very specific and customized problems have access to the productive insight that their data could bring. Though the solutions to their problem is out there, many business don’t even know where to look. SingularityNET solves this problem by connecting the business and their problems with the A.I tools it needs to solve them. These solutions are highly customizable and save a lot of the time spent when developing a blank file solution.

Here is a like to their white paper is you want to learn more about their plans:

If your interested in investing in the democratization of artificial intelligence consider buying their token, which is listed under AGI (artificial general intelligence) on various crypto exchanges.

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