ProjectBlog: Should you choose a Technical Degree or Machine Learning?

Blog: Should you choose a Technical Degree or Machine Learning?

Today, in this modern era of technology, companies are looking for a better replacement for technical people, thereby choosing people with diverse skill sets. Machine Learning ML and Artificial Intelligence AI are two such fields making advancements in the IT world. People who want to get a handsome job to improve their careers are looking to master in the fields of ML and AI.

What kind of skills are required for ML and AI?

Current stats show that almost 70% of people in AL and ML are in schools. This fascinating field is pulling people from all the disciplines.

Reports show that people in this field have self-taught themselves or they are entirely from a different discipline. All you need is a good understanding of mathematics and programming.

What are the courses you should know before opting AL and ML?

Machine learning is the amalgam of computer science, data science, data structures, and computer hardware. Anyone with this knowledge can enter in this field.

  • Computer Science and programming– includes important concepts of data structures, computer architecture, algorithms, and their complexities. All you need to understand them and apply them to solve daily world problems.
  • Probability and Statistics — Any problem needs to be addressed and solved to get accurate results. Modeling problems to get absolute solution needs core concepts of probability and statistics.

How will traditional IT skills help you?

The biggest problem an IT engineering is facing today is that these skills of AL and ML are new. All the tools of Machine learning are new to their knowledge and how will they be deployed in the industry.

There still exits the question that what decision to take to improve the outcome of a single department and how to move its collaboration to the rest of the areas of an organization.

Who to include in ML and AI team?

The ML and AI team must look up for three sets of skills. Below is a listing of those three skills:

  1. The people with data science, or BI tools, that includes a person who gathers and clean up the data.
  2. The 2nd group includes AL people who focus to build insight on that data.
  3. Lastly, people with DevOps skills can join the team to build models and search engines.

Job trend of ML and AI

The competition for these skills is high in seller’s market. However, people having a strong grip on the core concepts of new machine learning and AI tool will advance very well. Moreover, the current market is looking for expertise and not those having little or no knowledge in this field. Thus, the trends have changed.

What’s new now

The field of AutoML is common and advancing nowadays. Companies are now looking for specialists who can make Machine Learning models. Moreover, there is a dire need for reinforcement learning where machine trains itself. The newer technique, i.e, synthetic data includes using algorithms to train a machine. The trained machine then bootstrap the learning process by training other machine models.

Future of ML / AI and traditional IT degree

Many companies and organizations are investing much in this field to bring train people with ML and AL skills. However, we need to figure out some way to practice this knowledge and bring them into the real world.

Researchers believe that the two fields will be merged up into one domain. For instance, there exists a web team and a mobile team. These two summed up to one app team that now control the website as well as mobile.

We as a team here at TecHacker, believe that the future of this technology is largely unpredictable. So, everyone needs to understand its importance and should benefit from these fields.

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