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Blog: ServiceNow Virtual Agent

ServiceNow virtual agent is the best chatbot solution to the entire ServiceNow Company. It solves your company request and updates your customer satisfaction. It keeps agents on completing pressing problems. Virtual Agent designs as fast and easier to solve the routine IT problems. Customer and HR service requests it by taking communication conversation. With ServiceNow online training you can master virtual agent.

ServiceNow Virtual Agent

Employees can simply and easily open incidents or request the latest hardware from the IT resources. Users can get guidance from certain products or they have to check their case status. An employee can update their own HR Data and they can know payroll differentiations.

Virtual Agent Designer

ServiceNow training with Virtual Agent designer offers a Graphical Interface. It starts anyone to design and maintain chatbots. The total experience of designing conversations is simplified with a drop and drag option, which design is simple and easy to view the conversation flow of data. Developers also have the tool, that they require advanced designs with guidance for previews. Testing, branching, and looping. It connects to the third party API for a process like NLP, Location services, and content storage.

Features of ServiceNow Virtual Agent

Design Personal Experiences

Utilize Information from the ServiceNow platform to design Context driven Chatbots and make use of the conversation.

Move and Develop Fastly

Visually Design Conversations and implement pre-designed templates for HR and Information technology, User Service Topics. That deliver modification to the company.

Measure the Business Efficiency

Decrease the total cost when handling increased volumes of regular Works.

Decrease Agent Workload

Automating the routine requests and IT HR tasks, incidents, and user Inquiries.

Updating service

Offering users and customers to instant solutions with 24/7 support.

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New to ServiceNow Platform

It is being a section of ServiceNow platform, it accepts Virtual agent to natively get access to your ServiceNow Information and offer a personalized experience to the Requester on the ServiceNow information. It offers a personalized user experience to the requestor on many mobile and desktop platforms. The virtual agents work with your catalog and knowledge.

Company messaging Channels

Out of the box integrations with the help of slack, Microsoft groups and teams, Facebook accept users to communicate with the Virtual agent where they have done the work properly. Administrators and developers use custom scripting to start work within the messaging interface of their own options.

Conversation Analysis and analytics

A virtual agent comes with updated and powerful reporting capacities. That give administrators results into every Chatbot conversion that aligns with Business targets. This dashboard offers a GUI for viewing the conversion trends accepting business services and executives, service owners to design fast, informed decisions.

Know which topic transferring to live agents, think how the virtual agent is Impacting your company resolution.

IT Topics contain

Updating Assigned task.

Searching the knowledge base.

Monitoring system status.

Approving Outstanding needs.

Resetting User ID and passwords

Booking an Item.

Open the latest ticket.

HR topics

Updating Employee profile

Troubleshooting a pay

Requesting a leave

Live Agent Handoff

Chat conversion and history context continuously transferred to a live Human agent. If Virtual human agent cannot resolve a request. The experts for every topic go into conversation with a complete understanding of the situation and fast adding value.

Customer Service topics contain

Reporting a problem within a sequence.

Checking case status

Getting guidance with a product.

VA for IT service management

Resolve regular requests on demand and solve the IT service experience by automatically reacting to requests like designing incidents, accepting requests, and ordering the Equipment.

VA for HR

Design it faster and easier for employees to know complete answers to regular HR requests. They automatically like handling pay errors, updating employee profiles.

VR for Customer Service

Resolve routine user requests by automatically solving user asked questions, designing product support cases, checking order status and many more.


Measure business Efficiency

By decreasing the costs and handling higher volumes of routine works.

Decrease Agent Workload

By checking the common issues, your employees can spend much time on critical inquiries.

Improving Service

By offering user and employee instant solutions through 24 hours of automated guidance.

Natural language Processing

Think about the complex intents and entitles by utilizing outsourcing NLP technologies like Wit.ai, Microsoft Luis. IBM Watson.

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