ProjectBlog: Sarafan.AI recognizes products in photos published on media

Blog: Sarafan.AI recognizes products in photos published on media

By virtue of Artificial Intelligence, Sarafan Technology Inc. created an algorithm which allows us to identify products in practically any publication out there, regardless of location, language or style.

How it works

For example, we are looking for Fabian’s newest Instagram trends on Fashion Magazine website. We’ve come to like his black leather jacket and we are keen on getting it.


Instead of googling it and trying to identify the product, this comfortable widget provided by Sarafan automatically identifies the jacket and leads us to the online store where we make our purchasing decision.



At Sarafan, we want to create a system where everyone wins. Thanks to our AI, publishers can monetize already existing content without stretching their marketing budgets. Likewise, Sarafan helps advertisers increase traffic on their online stores. Finally, customers save time and energy in trying to find their perfect outfit. Effectively changing inspiration into a purchase.

See how Sarafan.AI works in action, just follow the link:

Check out this story in video:

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