Blog: Role Played By AI & Machine Learning In Cyber Security

There are certain things in life which you might not like or really want to avoid. It doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate it but sometimes you might find ways to deal with it. And the same can be said about artificial intelligence (AI). Whether you like it or not AI is here to stay.

Certain people might have an affinity against AI as it involves providing a majority control over machines. Latest studies and predictions show that by 2020, most of the app developers and software will use AI aka machine intelligence for their services and products. So, the increased amount of role AI technology plays in our life will revolutionize the way we work, live and do business.

Cybersecurity Roles AI Might Play

Similar to the various definitive roles that artificial intelligence development does across all kinds of facets, it will play a great aspect in making cybersecurity roles better. AI technology can play a huge role in finding and fighting recent and sophisticated kinds of cyber-threats.

With the increase in cyber threats, especially since they are becoming complex and sophisticated, addressing and detecting them is kind of becoming a huge challenge for any mobile app and web development company. In such a scenario, the visionary role and applications of artificial intelligence in detecting and predicting threats can have a great impact.

Machine Learning & AI Technology — The Perfect Fit For Cyber Security

Machines are quite better and even cost-efficient compared to humans. This is especially when it comes to any work that requires handling of a huge amount of data and doing routine tasks. Seriously, this is what the cybersecurity industry needs at the current moment, especially since there are massive new threats coming up every day. Of course, you can classify each new threats under the current families or familiar kinds of threats. Also, in most of the cases, spending some time viewing each of the latest threats in detail will be in most cases be a waste of time. It can really be wastage for reverse engineers or researchers.

The human classification, which is mostly in bulk, can be error-prone. This is due to distractions and boredom. But with regard to machines, they don’t mind to go through the same kind of routine over and over. Plus, they perform the same routine and repetitive tasks faster and more efficiently compared to people.

However, this doesn’t mean that they can get it right all the time. Sometimes even with AI, you might have to necessarily keep a close watch on how it works. This is to check whether the algorithms are still in working condition along with the required parameters.

AI technology and machine language without any kind of human interference will drift from the given set path. However, by working in partnership with AI technology, researchers can get relieved from the burden of doing menial work.

Why AI Is The Best Solution For Cybersecurity & Good For Humans

Most people know that AI is a result of a software that creates a decision making mechanism which is similar to what a human brain does. But in the early years of machine intelligence, it could not become the same imitation of the human brain.

Slowly, with the improvement in technology and science, it was found out that the human brain was too complicated in getting modelled with a software. In the following years, researchers were able to focus on the decision-making mechanism in somewhat more specific fields, rather than focusing on modelling the same human brain structure.

The artificial intelligence development and researches were simply focused on specific issues and solving those issues, until now. Here the major aim of the AI is to solve certain things which an expert might take a lot of time to do. For example, take the medical work of a doctor who is an expert in oral cancer.

The entire process that he does in detecting the cancer cells can be modelled using applications of artificial intelligence. Most importantly, the model that is created will detect the cancer cells just like how a human doctor does.

Furthermore, the software developed will be used by everyone. Even by those hospitals who don’t have specialist doctors for certain diseases can easily make successful detection with AI technology. Most importantly, every kind of problem which needs some expert knowledge (as long as the appropriate data is available) will be easily modelled using AI technology.

Here one thing that you need to keep in mind is that the data which fits to the problem means that the data has all the necessary features which are specific to the problem. Now, for example, to detect the cancer cells, one must know about the size of the cell, its growing speed, the enzymes it is secreating, the rate of mutation, etc. Such kind of distinctive features must be required and collected.

So, if these features are somewhat related to the issue are collected, then the issue can easily be solved using a machine learning technique. Now in most of the issues, where it is not really possible to analyze the huge amount of data that is handled by an expert in a certain time, AI technology can easily be used to get a successful and faster solution.

Types Of Artificial Intelligence Apps Used In Cybersecurity Roles & Solutions

The following apps can be used –

► Fraud Detection

► Spam Filter Applications (spamassassin)

► Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention

► Botnet Detection

► Credit Scoring & Next-Best Offers

► Cybersecurity Ratings

► Secure User Authentication

► Hacking Incident Forecasting

Success Rate Of AI Used For Detecting Cyber Attacks

There is no doubt that AI can be used for detecting cyber attacks. Various academic researchers are published highlighting how cyber attacks are detected using AI. Most importantly, the success rate of these research varies from 80% to 99%.

Now in the last few years, besides the academic research, there are certain software and tools which help in detecting cyber attacks using AI. These online tools which are solely the applications of artificial intelligence have got more than 95% of success rate. Plus, they have a very low rate of false positives.

Possibility Of Detecting Cyber Attacks Before They Occur

For cyber attacks to be successful, there are certain steps that one needs to follow to be successful. Some of these steps are called as “Cyber Kill Chain”. There are chances that the attacks might leave certain traces in the form of steps. Sometimes there is a chance that they can access the details about the targeted company which was leaked before, especially while they are in the information acquisition phase.

Avoiding such kind of situations is possible if one observes the company constantly using the technique and eye of the attacker. Furthermore, being aware of what the attackers can find through their research about the company in advance will help in taking precautions to prevent such situations.


AI technology and machine language have a deep impact on cybersecurity roles. Not only these two have gained a huge foothold in cybersecurity, but can only be stronger if these two fields are very much perfect. The huge volume of new data which is appearing every day can sometimes be too much for cost-effective human processing.

Furthermore, machines might be less error-prone, if they are trained in the proper manner. Here, they might be certain kinks that need to work out, as machine language and AI are still in the development phases. Here the expectation is that the widespread usage of the ML and AI will lower the quantity of the repetitive and dead weight work humans do. But one must really step up and take up more difficult tasks.

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