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Blog: Robotics AI and Machine Learning


Robotics AI and Machine Learning

It’s been a topic of debate that ‘Will Robots replace humans’??

If we compare the technology Now &Then in terms of Robotics and AI, the changes are unimaginable!

Is Robotic, AI and Machine Learning all same??

Let’s see!


Robotics is a field of science and technology(including computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering) that has the capability to perform functions even without human intervention. They are artificial servants serving business needs and end-user tasks.

Robots are basically machines that have intelligence that is inbuilt in such a manner that they are capable of performing tasks on their own.

They are human beings without actual heart; just a replica of human beings doing tasks with accuracy.

Robots earlier need human’s attention to perform a task but today’s technology has led to the discovery of self-governing tasks by robots.

Earlier And Now.. Phases of Robots

Earlier they were used in large organizations only for business purposes and today even private owners for robots are increasing every day. Robots used earlier were small in size. They were uncommon and the designing and working were not greatly known by engineers.

But now the size of robots is comparable with human size. Depending upon the need and purpose, robot sizes are deciding that we will be discussing in detail later on.

Comparison continued..

Earlier they were human controlled and now they are digitally controllable(from 2000). This eliminates the requirement for human assistance based on AI(discussed later). Now robots are in use for dangerous domains. For example in the military, human health, bomb attacks prevention, and many more. Human assistance is an older concept, robots are even capable of existing in space that is too hard even for human life.

Robots used then lacks accuracy and performance and thus robots were consuming a lot of time But now our robots are smart and precise. `

The first Robot was earlier in 1927, New York, but how it changed the entire world is beyond expectations. But the room for improvement is still there. Mostly robots work on the concept of artificial intelligence.

Application Areas

There is a huge application area of Robotics that is increasing each day. Here we will be covering the areas where it has made a tremendous development. Starting up with robotics in health care.

Robots in medical science

They are playing a major role in diagnosing, rehabilitation and can even perform surgeries if needed. Imagine robots providing such medical facilities from first aid to performing surgeries thus eliminating the need of doctors and surgeons thus restoring human health in the best possible way.

Robotics in home

A few years back, robots were in use for organizations for satisfying business needs, but now this concept has changed a lot. Individuals owe their private robots for household chores such as cleaning a room, washing dishes, bringing a plate, etc.

Domestic robots, garage door openers, smart devices, etc all come under this mentioned category.

Smart devices(Internet of things(IOT) are the devices that get connection with other devices with the help of the internet. Finally based on a single click performs the task as asked, hence making the life much much simpler and easy. For example, Alexa, google assistance, smartwatches, etc all come under smart devices.

Robotics in military

For military and defense, robots are in use for real-time applications. They are capable of handling bomb attacks. They can survive in unfair environmental conditions and having the ability to deactivate uneffective bombs. The major advantage of robotics in this field is that it reduces the risk of the life of human beings. As robots face adverse situations themselves thus compensating the cost by reducing threats to human life. They can walk, even run whenever needed and can carry heavy weighted military weapons for defense.

Robots in the Industry

These are widely in use in for industries as it increases the productivity and profitability of the organization. Work is done in a lesser amount of time as compared to manual labor; the reason being they are focused. It can perform tasks as welding, assembly, coating, sealing painting, packaging, transferring material from one center to the other and come up with high payload capability while can even survive in a haphazard environment. Kuka, Denso, Adept are industrial robots. They are in use for various other automotive applications.

Robotics and AI

Before understanding the association between the two; let’s have an intro about what is Artificial Intelligence. AI is one of the most emerging technologies which simply means feeding machines to perform certain tasks with the help of human intelligence. As the way the system works solely depends upon how much intelligent it has been made. Robotics comes under such categories but it is also true that not all robots fall under such class. The reason behind this is that not all robots are smart and self-governing.

Robots, AI & Machine Learning

It would not be right to say that robots are completely governed by AI. There is even the parent class of AI we can say in layman language to understand the main concept behind Robotics. It is MACHINE LEARNING.

In machine learning, learning algorithms — not computer programmers — create the rules, instead of programming the system at every step, it gives the computer instructions that allow it to learn from data without new step-by-step instructions by the program.

All machine learning is artificial intelligence but vice versa is not true. Thus it is clear that machine learning is a broader category under which AI falls.

As we already discussed what the robots are, what are the fields in which they are excelling, gives the clear answer that machine learning algorithms are the reason behind all.

To conclude

Machine learning, AI, Robotics are interrelated which cannot be explained solely. Although robotics deals with making robots with the help of ML algorithms, while AI deals with programming intelligence. Most AI programs are not used to control robots. Even when AI is in use to control robots, the AI algorithms are only part of the larger robotic system. It has been estimated to have 40,000 collaborative robots by 2020 that will be satisfying business needs. Lastly, the diagram below eliminates all the confusion between Robotics and AI.

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