ProjectBlog: Right Blend of Identity and Access Controls to Secure Any Particular System

Blog: Right Blend of Identity and Access Controls to Secure Any Particular System

We can argue strongly that the whole cybersecurity field rests almost entirely on verification of identity and control of access. Any other security element relies on the system that identifies the user and validates their permissions for different objects. Securing a server room door with a lock is as essential as securing a password for the server itself. However, there is an ample crossover between digital and physical security in modern access control systems, where entries are sometimes secured by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), keypad, or biometric readers relying on electronic databases to verify and authorize identity. The controls are only as strong as the weakest link in such scenarios — a door can be jammed, or a database phished. Sadly, for many businesses today, this is the reality, especially legacy organizations creating the cloud transition. How can it be fixed?

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Now, the majority of companies around the world (90 percent) depend on an Active Directory tool to handle IT systems and data access. However Active Directory provides businesses with an efficient way to provide employees, partners, and vendors with network access; it has never been built with security in mind, making it easy to exploit. Active Directory doesn’t really secure users’ digital identities, which means that by compromising the Active Directory account of a single user, hackers can gain more than just the keys to a company’s treasures.

Traditional security measures are no longer sufficient with the rise of cloud and APIs. In the meantime, security needs to be developed at virtually every point of contact between systems — a high order as systems become thoroughly interconnected and the complexity of the network increases. Read More…

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