ProjectBlog: Revolution of industry 4.0 learning in Goa

Blog: Revolution of industry 4.0 learning in Goa

Our young techies getting their hands on programming language

Technology has impacted every individual on this planet. As adults, we ourselves are fascinated with how robots work, lose our minds on the technology behind Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality. In such a scenario, children of very young ages have started getting enthusiastically involved in creating robots, studying its basics and functions, working with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, programming and many other such Tech related concepts.

Young minds exploring and learning to develop an augmented reality application

Fame Technologies has taken its way to teaching children and converting their innovative thoughts to function for real. We have taken up the challenge of teaching young minds the basics of programming in a fun way and introduce them to the world of industry 4.0. Our vision here is to make children think in a futuristic way, make them understand the in and out concepts of technology and change the traditional thought of looking at technology in a wrong way. We believe the world is changing at rapid phase and very soon technology would take over every individual or at least impact every individual’s life in some way or the other. However at the same time, we want to ensure that the children are on right path to learn technology and build a healthy relation with the tech world. Our mission is to cater the same to a large number of children and help them involve themselves in a better way.

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