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Researchers Use Artificial Intelligence to Advance Rescue Missions

Tuesday, 7 May, 2019 – 06:30

PTT personnel prepare a thermal imaging drone during the rescue operation for a missing children’s football team and their coach in Tham Luang cave. // AFP PHOTO

London: – Asharq Al-Awsat

A team of researchers at the US Purdue University are currently working on developing rescue measures by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems and machine learning algorithms to create a platform allowing multiple drones to communicate and adapt as mission factors change, the German News Agency reported.

“For the system, we focused on a multi-agent network of vehicles, which are diverse and can coordinate with each other. Such local coordination will allow them to work as a cohesive whole to accomplish complicated missions such as search and rescue,” said Shaoshuai Mou, one of the professors leading the research.

“There are challenges in this area. The environment may be dynamic, for example, with the weather changing. The drones have to be adaptive and must be capable of real-time environment perception and on-line autonomous decision making,” he told the website.

In this research, AI and machine learning techniques will assist the system in many ways, such as in object recognition and human-machine communication, and improving the system performance over time.

“For complex situations, we still need to involve humans in the loop and try to do mixed autonomy consisting of machines and humans,” Mou explained.

In the mission scenarios, a ground-based powerful-processing vehicle will communicate to air, ground or aquatic drones that can cover a wide area.

Source: “artificial intelligence” – Google News

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