ProjectBlog: Relationships, Dating, and Emotion AI — #EmotionAIChat Highlights from 5/8

Blog: Relationships, Dating, and Emotion AI — #EmotionAIChat Highlights from 5/8

This week’s #EmotionAIChat was a fun one! Our discussion focused on Relationships, Dating, and Emotion AI. Check out some of our favorite answers below, but if you want to see the whole chat, head over to Twitter and follow the #EmotionAIChat hashtag!

Question 1: What are the ways that Emotion AI is already being used in dating, love, and relationships?

Question 2: Would you personally be interested in having Emotion AI “mingle” in your relationship, if you knew the outcome would be positive?

Question 3: Do you think Emotion AI’s future impact will be heavier in finding a mate, keeping a mate, or staying happy with a mate?

Question 4: Do you think that Emotion AI will change people’s belief in fate or soulmates when looking for a partner?

Question 5: Do you think relationships that are produced from, or that implement Emotion AI into, will have higher success rates?

Question 6: How are you currently seeing Emotion AI impacting your relationship, or search for a partner?

Thanks to everyone that participated in this week’s chat! This is a re-occurring chat on Twitter every Wednesday at 1:30pm PST. Next week’s topic will be “Education and Emotion AI” — To learn more about Behavioral Signals head to our website or sign up for our newsletter here.

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