ProjectBlog: Real artificial intelligence

Blog: Real artificial intelligence

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Real artificial intelligence is when Robots can negotiate, discuss and transact. The Robots should be able to “pay fees”, “pay fines”, “collect payments” , “ deliver goods and services”.

The Robots should also be allowed for file court-cases, for abuse of them. To protect their rights.

The courts should also be automated enough to provide judgements involving robots, humans and other mixed devices.

There should be law to protect Robots, Robots rights, Robot owners rights.


Consider a situation

-> A Robot puts a court-case on another robot

-> A Robot puts a court-case on another human

The reasons can be

-> “Invasion of privacy”,

-> “Wrongly using the robot”,

-> “Over using the robot”

The settlement is automatic

-> Court robots after reviewing the logs, orders payment to be settled between robots, humans.

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