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The development of AI in the field of technology has been fairly rapid in recent years. This can not be separated from the role of people who are behind the development of these technologies. There are many people involved in the process of developing AI until now, Ray Kurzweil is one of the example.

Raymond Kurzweil is an American inventor and futurist, born on February 12, 1948. Ray Kurzweil, he usually being called, is one of the influential people in technological development. Not only from the AI field, Ray Kurzweil was involved in writing books about health, transhumanism, singularity technology, futurism, and of course AI. Ray Kurzweil who is a public advocate about futurism and the transhumanism movement often gives public seminars to share his optimistic opinions about extending and developing technologies such as Nanotechnology, robotics and biotechnology.

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In the field of AI itself, Ray who is a futurist was very ‘addicted’ to the field. The field of AI itself is one of his steps in developing futurist understanding. Some of his works in the field of AI, among others, are involved in text-to-speech synthesis, which is a technology where AI can convert human voices into text. This technology itself already exists in many smartphones these days. He is also involved in the development of Speech recognition. A speech recognition technology. Raymond Kurzweil is involved in many technological developments because it is in line with the understanding he holds, Futurism.

Ray Kurzweil is famous for his books which tend to ‘predict’ the future technological developments, including AI. The book is titled The Age of Intelligent Machines. The book which outlines themed is about the future of technology was written in 1986 to 1989 and was first published in 1990. In its first prediction in the book. Ray correctly predicted that the Soviet Union would collapse and disband because of the emergence of technologies such as cellphones and fax machines. With the emergence of these two technologies, the authoritarian government weakened and lost control of the flow of information.

Also in the same book, he predicted the popularity of chess game software on computers. He predicts that later there will be a computer (AI based) that can defeat the world chess champion “in the year of 2000” said Ray Kurzweil in his book. In 1997, chess world champion Garry Kasparov was defeated by IBM’s AI-based smart computer Deep Blue Computer in a chess match.

Ray Kurzweil’s predictions continue on target. The most precise prediction of his target is when he successfully predicts that internet users in the world, which are around 2.6 million in 1990, will grow rapidly. This is proven now where there are 4.39 billion people in the internet in 2019. He also predicts that the content on the internet will increase, and that has actually happened until now.

Regarding his predictions in the field of technology. Ray doesn’t use sorcery or can even cross across dimensions into the future. Ray Kurzweil said, all of his predictions came from his experience in the technology field for many years. If someone develops new technology they working on, they, as technology expert should have the ability to predict the fate of this technology later and the long-term project. Even some of the predictions he wrote in his book were the result of dreaming and dreaming when he slept.

Regarding to failed technology, Ray Kurzweil said that the failure of a technology product was not caused by the research and development team. Maybe it’s just a timing problem, where the technology was created at the wrong time, or at that time when similar technology was not as massive as their creation. Creating something is like surfing on the beach. You have to predict and follow the waves in the right time.

Also not all Ray Kurzweil’s predictions are right. One of his speech recognition creations is the example. He predicts that the technology will take over writing activities in the future, in fact it does not happen at all. Speech recognition is not a common thing in the world of writing even today.

Indeed technology development can be predicted. Not with sorcery or cross dimensions. With the development of massive AI technology lately, this technology is one way to predict future technological developments. Human creation and work in the field of AI is a stepping stone for human beings to predict what other works they will create in the future.


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