ProjectBlog: Radhika Garg: How AI Technology is Making Data and Services Smarter for Modern Real Estate Market

Blog: Radhika Garg: How AI Technology is Making Data and Services Smarter for Modern Real Estate Market

Continuous advancement in technology changes the way modern businesses conduct operations or make decisions. The AI (artificial intelligence) is a remunerative gift for all modern businesses, as it is a force which has the ability to propel any business venture forward. The data-centric and customer-centric real-estate sector can greatly benefit from the application of AI.

· Real-estate brokers can collect, organize and translate a substantial quantity of data in a short period with the assistance of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

· The real-estate agents or realtors may use these technologies to quickly produce and deliver the relevant information, data-driven lead solutions and proprietary data to the clients.

· These technologies are equally useful at identifying the potential clients.

· Using advanced technology, the real-estate agents or realtors can quickly connect to their clients.

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Hence, the AI solutions and advance technology improve the efficiency and productivity of real-estate agencies.

The smart analytical tools collect data from multiple sources to deliver accurate, updated and well-rounded information from various sources. However, AI is not just limited to delivering the smart data. It is being used in different forms in order to maximize clients’ experience. It also helps businesses find properties in accordance to the clients’ varying requirements.

The AI solutions can make the process of finding relevant properties easier for the new and old customers. The real-estate agents may use AI solutions to create personalized sets of items depending upon the previous interactions with a client along with his/her personal preferences. For the new customers, the system may present generic findings based on the result of profiling. The AI solutions use this technique to present the results that satisfied clients with similar profile. The AI solutions may recommend the best properties within the budget of every client without taking a significant amount of time or effort.

The AI solutions can help clients make worthwhile investment. The AI based tools can anticipate the fluctuations of market and make a list of potentially lucrative properties for the investors. The real-estate agencies may mix the human knowledge with the AI capabilities to identify the profitable opportunities or market trends and to predict the future sell/rent prices. The AI solutions also give insights regarding the best moment to sell/renovate a property.

Using the AI solutions, it becomes possible for the real-estate companies to offer 24×7 customer care at the economic expense. The real-estate agencies may use the Chatbots to communicate with the clients at convenient hours. The advanced features of the latest Chatbots can deliver vital information or can make relevant suggestions without making the clients feel like they are communicating with a machine. Hence, real estate agencies may use the AI solutions to maximize the customers’ satisfaction at the economic expense.

Effective Marketing Campaigns

The real-estate agencies may even use the latest AI solutions to attract potential clients. These solutions can analyze the preferences or behavioral patterns of multiple individuals and use the data to target the individuals who will be most receptive to an advertisement. This type of targeted advertising increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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