ProjectBlog: Pros and Cons of AI

Blog: Pros and Cons of AI

There are people out there that think artificial intelligence is great and some that think the opposite. Both sides have their own reasons to believe whether artificial intelligence is socially good or not. I just want to go over a couple of pros and cons of artificial intelligence:


1. Artificial Intelligence can work indeterminately.

People usually get tired after a certain amount of time. They need to refuel with food, water or sleep. But AI can continue working forever if there are proper resources to keep them running. Which I guess is the same as humans, but when people get tired, their productivity falls. With AI machines, they seldom make mistakes or get “tired.”

2. Artificial Intelligence can work in situations that are considered “unsafe”.

Studies and research are often done in places like volcanoes, ocean floors, space, and etc. Completing this research using humans can be very risk and sometimes fatal. Something that could be very interesting and useful is creating an AI machine to complete dangerous police situations. If a machine could just enter the risky area and diffuse the occurrence without an actual human getting involved, it could save a life. AI has the ability to go places that humans cannot which could advance research and studies of various things drastically.

3. Artificial Intelligence could change the way people approach conflict

Various technologies in the past have changed the way humans have approached war such as gunpower. AI could be just another step in making something horrible like war become a more manageable situation.


1. Artificial Intelligence could turn out to be dangerous technology.

This is completely understandable because AI is supposed to act as a human would, and humans can be dangerous at times. With movies such as Ex Machina, you could see the potential dangers of AI and how it could end up “ruling the world”. AI would become so intelligent that humans would be unable to compete with it.

2. Creativity could take a hit.

Actually creating AI is a pretty neat and creative concept, but you can’t let that get in the way of realizing that creativity in general would begin to lack. AI performs based on previous knowledge like a human, but humans can think outside of that, unlike AI. This would cause a decrease in creativity since people would be spending so much time with AI that does everything for them.

3. The price

An obvious con of AI is how expensive it is to create such and incredible concept. It has been making great strides, but not cheap strides. The companies that will achieve the greatest success will be the ones developing AI machines and almost create a monopoly.

All in all, there are some clear conflicting issues of the existence of AI. Everyone has their own stance on it. Living is about stepping out of our comfort zones and making the best of the outcome. We already know the cons of AI, so in the midst of creating, we can keep these issues in mind and try to figure out ways to deal with them. The limitation of this technology right now is just that people are afraid of it.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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