ProjectBlog: Precision Agriculture: To Boost Yields and Curb Waste

Blog: Precision Agriculture: To Boost Yields and Curb Waste

Today, the world faces the urgent challenge of unsustainable food production and consumer practices. The food system of today is the main driver of deforestation and loss of biodiversity, generating a quarter of global greenhouse gas pollution. Agriculture is transforming into a fully high-tech business. In the way things have been done for centuries, this is a long overdue revolution. To put this in perspective, two billion more people will go hungry by the year 2050 if we keep farming the old-fashioned way. To enable more efficient and smarter agriculture, technology solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and drones are being used.

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Precision agriculture intends to influence state-of-the-art technologies to make crop production more accurate and controlled, to boost yields and curb waste. Hundreds of precision farming firms have emerged, using all from drones to robotics to autonomous tractors. Farmers can now have astonishing insight into where each seed to plant, allowing them to fertilize their crops with near-perfect accuracy — something that was never an option when precision farming first came to the scene. Read More…

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