ProjectBlog: Powering the Collective Intelligence of Man, Machines, Materials, and Mother Nature

Blog: Powering the Collective Intelligence of Man, Machines, Materials, and Mother Nature

Can we use the power of technology to build collective intelligence from man, machines, materials, and mother nature in order to evolve towards a higher order of security risk intelligence integration for the future of humanity?

Collective Intelligence


Today, security risks from cyberspace merge and converge with geospace and space. Now as we begin to explore space and beyond, security risk intelligence has never been more important for humanity than it is now. To accommodate this shift in scale and for the rapidly emerging security risks for humanity beyond cyberspace, geospace, space (CGS), there is a growing need for collective security risk intelligence capabilities.

For most of human history, collective intelligence was confined to small groups of humans locally. However, the advances in technology bring us a potential for powering collective intelligence not only between many humans across nations but also between man, machines, materials, and mother nature. If we can build this risk intelligence system, it will likely dominate all intelligence processes in the human ecosystem across CGS.

The time is now ripe for humans to benefit from the collective intelligence of not only man and machines but also materials and mother nature from across CGS. The question is how to structure collective intelligence systems so that humans can access timely intelligence from man, machines, materials and mother nature from across CGS for the benefit of humanity.

Potential for Collective Systems

The existing and emerging technologies bring us transformative capabilities for defining, designing and developing collective systems. As seen over the years, the advances in information, communication and digitization technologies, especially the internet, now allow most connected individuals from across nations to work together in new, innovative ways. In the coming years, blockchain technology will enable nations to have the digital infrastructure on which collaborative systems can be built. However, most important is the potential that cognitive computing bring to empower man, machines, materials and mother nature to work together. This fundamentally changes everything.

The power of existing and emerging technology to form a distributed collective intelligence network from across CGS will be transformative. The very possibility of a collective intelligence platform to be augmented continuously, integrated, enhanced and coordinated in real time will likely result in the effective mobilization of many intelligent solutions and platforms. Moreover, an attractive attribute of distributed collective intelligence will be that it will solve the fundamental trust issue, enabling man, machines, materials and mother nature to not only collaborate but also communicate in human language as conversational AI capabilities develop further. Cognitive computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and conversational AI tools will play a defining role when we design and define any system for collective intelligence.

Why Collective Intelligence Matter

The promise of collective intelligence actively contributes to the shift of knowledge and power from the individual to the collective: from humans to machines, integrated with materials and mother nature. This will be a much-needed development of an alternative source of intelligence power, emerging from the information convergence from across CGS.

Collective intelligence is vital for the survival and security of humanity. The proposed system will be interlinked with man, machines, materials and mother nature and will be sustained by collective intelligence sharing. This will contribute to a better understanding of intelligence itself.

It is well documented that multi-species intelligence has worked since the beginning of life. This very fact drives the potential and power of humans to evolve towards higher order complexity and harmony with machines, materials, and mother nature. As a result, the proposed vision can be visualized as an intelligence initiative in which there will be a technological potential to extract, integrate, and share information for the common good of humanity.

The Evolution of Collective Intelligence

To accommodate this shift, much still needs to be understood about the very ability of humans to define, design, and develop a system that can extract information from man, machines, materials, and mother nature. There is great hope that we will be able to do so and create new intelligence integration points with machines, materials, and mother nature.

What Next?

Collective intelligence from man, machines, materials, and mother nature will not only solve the big problems facing humanity but will also be the foundation of humanity’s exploration of space and beyond.

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Jayshree Pandya, is Founder of Risk Group, Host of Risk Roundup Webcast/Podcast, Author Of The Book, The Global Age, a Scientist, Visionary, an Expert in Disruptive Technologies and a Globally Recognized Thought Leader and Influencer.


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