ProjectBlog: PDF_DOWNLOAD The Technological Singularity

Blog: PDF_DOWNLOAD The Technological Singularity

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[PDF BOOK] The Technological Singularity pdf By Murray Shanahan
Book details
Title: The Technological Singularity
Author: Murray Shanahan
Format: PDF / EPUB / MOBI
Book Descriptions:
The Technological Singularity,The idea that human history is approaching a “singularity” — that ordinary humans will someday be overtaken by artificially intelligent machines or cognitively enhanced biological intelligence, or both — has moved from the realm of science fiction to serious debate. Some singularity theorists predict that if the field of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to develop at its current dizzying rate, the singularity could come about in the middle of the present century. Murray Shanahan offers an introduction to the idea of the singularity and considers the ramifications of such a potentially seismic event. Shanahan’s aim is not to make predictions but rather to investigate a range of scenarios. Whether we believe that singularity is near or far, likely or impossible, apocalypse or utopia, the very idea raises crucial philosophical and pragmatic questions, forcing us to think seriously about what we want as a species. Shanahan describes technological advances in AI, both biologically 
Available formats: PDF / EPUB / MOBI
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