ProjectBlog: Out Loud: Transforming Voice Data Using Artificial Intelligence – UC Today

Blog: Out Loud: Transforming Voice Data Using Artificial Intelligence – UC Today

Patrick was joined by special guests from Red Box, Xdroid, Theta Lake, Tethr and Refract.

Firstly Patrick speaks to Red Box CEO, Richard Stevenson, about the importance of Red Box’s partner eco-system. Richard gives Patrick some of the background on how the use of voice communication has evolved and that now voice data formulates a critical part of the modern business. Historically voice data has been trapped within organisations but now with the advent of cloud technology Red Box can help organisations to leverage its power.

“Red Box’s purpose is to address the siloed data stacks within enterprise organisations, and particularly when you view voice data. Our aim is to free that voice data.”

Richard goes onto explains that now that voice data is available for customers and partners to utilise they are able to imagine a whole host of new applications using emerging technologies to enhance analysis. Red Box have a whole partner eco-system who use the voice data that they provide in unique ways. A selection of them follow, in the podcast, to provide example uses cases where they are using AI to leverage voice data for end customers.

Firstly Gerry de Graaf, CEO of Xdroid, tells Patrick about how they use the voice data provided by Red Box. Xdroid specialise in emotional analytics and they can use a customer’s voice data to provide insights around sentiment analysis and in some case even help customers to predict how emotions might develop within a customer interaction.

Patrick then talks to Theta Lake CEO, Devin Redmond. Theta Lake specialises in helping with compliance scenarios. Using voice data, alongside AI and Deep Learning technology, it helps customers recognise key words or phrases which might impact their industry compliance regulations. Theta Lake can radically reduce the risk and costs to organisations, particularly in highly regulated industries as Devin explains.

Tethr is an AI-Powered conversational intelligence platform and its VP of Insights for Product Strategy and Management, Ted McKenna, tells Patrick how they do this. By utilising multiple AI engines to analyse high quality voice data, Tethr, are able to mine a transcription of a voice conversation and detect extremely subtle nuances. This analysis enables its end customers to improve customer experiences for users on the end of the phone.

Finally Patrick is joined by Kevin Beales from Refract. As CEO and Founder, Kevin tells Patrick that they realised that there was a huge opportunity to improve sales coaching through the use of voice data and AI and ML. Success in the sales process has historically been shrouded in mystery but Kevin explains that but using technology to understand and analyse sales processes, this need not be the case. Reviewing calls made by the most successful salespeople can unveil key factors which can be replicated to improve processes throughout a sales team.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guests from Red Box. Xdroid, Theta Lake, Tethr and Refract.

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