OpenAI Five vs OG Redbull

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a branch of technology that continues to evolve and renewable until now. Its ability to behave and think like humans is interesting to be discussed. Nowadays, many companies are starting to adopt AI technology for their companies. There are those who create virtual assistants, smart robots, and smart cars. But there are also some people who are skeptical about this technology. Moreover, there have been many films that discuss the technology of robots that are able to destroy the world because it is against its creators, or robots that have an emotional level equivalent to humans in general. Well-known science experts such as Stephen Hawking and Stuart Russell also believe that if someday AI can modify itself, there will be a big ‘explosion’ of technology that will leads to human extinction.

Amid the suspicions of some people regarding to this technology, OpenAI emerged as a mediator. Founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, OpenAI is a non-profit company aimed for profit. The profit targeted by OpenAI is not a material advantage, but rather to change the skeptical view of the public regarding AI technology. They also want to provide information and counseling that AI technology is one of the friendly technologies for anyone.

Elon Musk once asked a question before OpenAI was created. “What is the best thing we can do to ensure that the future will work properly? We can sit quietly without doing anything, but we can also encourage science to ensure that the future will run according to our will. By embracing people people who care about AI technology, we can create something that is beneficial to humanity. “

Elon Musk know and aware that there is always risk in everything we do, including the development of this friendly AI itself. Humans can create negative things, but the best way to prevent this is to educate as much as possible so that they are no longer afraid with the development of AI. If everyone has education about AI, then there are no more people or groups of individuals who are afraid of the super powers that AI has.

OpenAI creates several products. Gym, RoboSumo, DebateGame, Dactyl, GPT2 and OpenAI Five are some of the products created by OpenAI. Among the many products created by them. OpenAI Five is one of the best known by the community.

First introduced in 2017 at the Dota2 international tournament titled The International 2017. OpenAI Five come with AI-based computer robots that can play Dota2 games. At that time, they conducted trials in front of thousands of spectators. The team from OpenAI Five invited Danil Ishutin, one of the professional Dota2 players to compete one on one with OpenAI Five. Surprisingly, this AI-based robot managed to defeat the professional player in a landslide. The team from OpenAI Five claims that they embed learning reinforcement features in AI robots that are intended to support opponents and carry out attacks.

In The International 2018, a year after. OpenAI Five again tried their luck by launching an AI-based robot again, but this time it was not a one-on-one match, but five versus five, or none other than five robots fighting five humans in one match. Unlike the year before, this time the OpenAI Five lost. They say, this is a good lesson for them to develop an algorithm for the future.

Right on April 13, 2019. OpenAI Five again challenged the Dota2 professional team. This time their opponents were not half-hearted, OG, they were the champions of The International 2018. OpenAI Five challenged OG to compete in the best-of-three series with tournament scale format. This time OpenAI Five has prepared everything carefully, so they managed to win against OG with a score of 2–0 without reply. OpenAI Five then also opens opportunities for anyone interested in fighting their bots directly by opening data so that players from all over the world can try it directly. Of the thousands of games that OpenAI Five went through with thousands of other Dota2 players, they managed to win almost 99.6% of thousands of matches. This indicates that their project was very successful.

The OpenAI Five project is a big step for OpenAI. They succeeded in creating an AI-based robot and could defeat a Dota2 professional team. They not only beat the team in general, but also beat them in a human movement and strategy. Different from the OpenAI team’s thinking, many Dota2 players were worried about this, they assumed that later on many Dota2 teams would be based on AI and not genuine humans. But OpenAI denied and stated that this project was created just as an illustration that Artificial Intelligence that was used well, would produce good results too.


Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium