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Who we are

Xlab starts with a 3 years-old research project under the collaboration of the company’s founder and CEO Emma Phuong Nguyen with Prof. Yoshua Bengio — Alan Turing Award and one of three godfathers of deep learning. Our research lies between a connection between a machine and a human mind/brain through machine learning, especially deep learning.

What we do

Xlab has been modelized as a lab. We try different ideas by applying design thinking to build tools for creators. Our target customers are designers and developers in small and medium companies, especially AR/VR. The core of our technology is built on top of a branch of machine learning called deep generative models trained in a reinforcement framework. Direct applications are to tools for 2D/3D vision.

Our goal is to make technology accessible and available to the major in the world.

What we strive to be

Xlab is not only a start-up company or a lab but a part of an open community.

What we do actually is decentralizing technology. The power of this new technology is enormous. Never than ever, we have seen a drastic change in several industries through applications of machine learning, especially deep learning. Those can be

  • Computer-based design (generative design): emulate nature’s evolution to design product by computer by several parameters, e.g. materials, manufacturing, and constraints. This poses an important question of how human and machine works together and build good products based on experience.
  • Virtual assistant: a program on your phone, computer or electronic devices to support your daily tasks, answer common questions or provide simple instructions for some activity or enhance the learning experience, especially those who are diagnostic with some disability to improve their mental and/or physical performance.
  • Robotics: a general concept talking about several applications related to hardware which is able to manipulate in our 3D physical world. Some of them can a cleaning bot and delivery bot. Some others can be a giant machine in industrial factories or agriculture area to help us automate lots of repetitive and time-consuming process. Most those low-value and low-productive tasks have been completed by low-paid workers from disadvantaged areas with property, lacking education and basic needs.
  • Recommendation system: A smart suggestion based on personal reference and group references to gather more useful content for information, entertaining, and shopping. Searching becomes more effective and faster, which fosters more activities between individuals and organizations.

As a consequence, automation would close existing gaps, but also would enlarge a distance between groups and countries. Right now, most of the people are talking about a race of technology between sovereign nations and tech giants. A picture would be depicted as a monopoly of an organization for an entire industry. This is not healthy, even detrimental to the root of democracy which takes us thousands of years to learn that lesson by blood.

In Xlab, we believe in diversity and equal opportunities for all people. We build our technology based on compassion, especially towards minority and disadvantaged group of people.

As a part of the open and start-up community, we constantly seek collaborations to leverage each other.

And, we earn true knowledge by making mistakes and share what we tried with the world.

If you are interested in your stories, we are happy to learn about you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at

We are looking forward to reading your stories.

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