ProjectBlog: One day, AI will replace the majority of human jobs.

Blog: One day, AI will replace the majority of human jobs.

One day, AI will replace the majority of human jobs.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to the intelligence demonstrated by humans and animals. As humans’ natural intelligence is triggered by what we see, hear and feel, machines’ artificial intelligence is also triggered by data they are made to see, hear and all that pass through them. Among one of the trending debates includes that we are approaching an era where AI will take the majority of humans jobs. But that idea is denied by many arguing that AI lacks the common sense of humans such as grasping the deep meaning of a language which might lead them to a wrong path. The AI community and researchers disagree with this claim as the believe machines will match all these human intelligence in the next 15 to 20 years. Besides AI matching human intelligence below are other factors stressing why AI will take humans job.

Firstly, it is a fact that labor payroll is the highest cost factor in businesses. that a machine can replace more than one human from their jobs and likely cost less than an individual human worker it is understandable that business owners will opt for machines in the future as it will save them revenue.

Secondly, humans are less accurate compared to machines with AI. In computer science, there is a saying that “garbage in garbage out” which means that when provided with wrong input a program will process the input correctly and output a correct answer depending on the input but wrong to the user because it is unexpected. With the risk of humans taking in a wrong request and hence providing a wrong service, it is an option for business owners to replace humans with precise machines even in a situation where humans would feel the pressure.


Lastly, humans are complicated by nature. Humans get tired, hungry, distracted, angry, confused and have biases which could all influence their decision and service they provide. Machines lack all of these hence provide fair services not influenced by any of those. This is a quality that not only pleases business owners but everyone else because being on the receiving end of bad service is something no one desires.

As a conclusion, machines are increasingly excelling in the fields once thought as uniquely humans and many fears that it is a matter of time until machines replace humans on the majority of their jobs. One positive takeaway would be to think that machines are not displacing us but setting us free and allowing us to do less dangerous, more challenging things. Like coding.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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