ProjectBlog: One day, AI will replace the majority of human jobs.

Blog: One day, AI will replace the majority of human jobs.

Technology development is taking another level , most of the jobs today require the use of technology to be achieved, people are trying to faster their works by the support of the AI uses, this time most of the industries are interested in the development of AI where automation of tasks applied in many jobs without the need of human intervention.

Today there is a huge investment in the development of AI because the investors believe that the future of this world will transform to the use of AI and automation of the work. According to Forrester Research say that by 2020, cognitive computing technologies, or platforms based on AI, will be worth $1.2 trillion as a whole.

AI development transformed human works when you estimate many jobs like packages delivering, hospitality, health care services, transport, accounting, and many other jobs, requires the AI technology to be achieved. Countries like China, Japan, USA, etc. interested in the development of robot and use of AI in man work, so this will lead to the faster development of the countries in term of economy and industries, but also that provoke the increase of jobs rejection from people.

When you compare jobs done by AI and human, AI has the advantages more than people, because they deliver reliable works faster than people. The AI has an impact on the future of human jobs, economy and the workforce, Asia can be a good example where the AI help in the industries development and economy growth of the countries, today the automation of tasks in industries and jobs are transformed from Manuel used to digital.

By conclude, AI development will result to the rejection of jobs from people in future because, AI help to foster the economic growth of the most countries and industries, so there will be no need to hire more people to complete a job which can be completed by one robot in a short time and in a reliable way more than people do.

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