ProjectBlog: Offerup Helps Auto Dealers Find Hot Leads Through Artificial Intelligence – AiThority

Blog: Offerup Helps Auto Dealers Find Hot Leads Through Artificial Intelligence – AiThority

Dealers today have several sources to generate leads, but often do not have data telling them if a potential buyer is a casual browser or a more engaged and serious buyer. The Hot Lead Indicator identifies engaged buyers based on their shopping behavior. It alerts dealers if an interested customer has been searching for cars in the price range and specifications of what they have on their lot. For example, if a shopper searches for compact cars in the $10K price range, and their shopping behavior closely matches those of actual buyers, OfferUp’s algorithm will inform dealers whether their car and the buyer are a good fit. Dealers in the program can check out the new feature today by looking for the “active buyer” tag on messages in their sales inbox on the OfferUp app and website.

OfferUp has been providing real-time connections between car dealers and car buyers since 2011. OfferUp has seen a 20x increase in dealer sign ups since the debut of its Automotive Dealer Program in July 2018, with participating dealers reporting an increase in both foot traffic and sales at their dealerships. The company estimates that 10% of used car sales in the U.S. last year were sold through its marketplace.  On average, of the cars sold on OfferUp during peak season, more than 30% will sell in two days or less, and more than 50% will sell in less than a week.

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“OfferUp is the first dealer advertising platform that lets us know which buyers are seriously looking to buy a car,” said Kaleb Bryan, CEO of The Auto Cave in Irving, TX. “Their Hot Lead Indicator has improved our online business and allows our sales consultants to better assist our customers who are prepared to move forward with their purchase. We’re excited to get OfferUp’s upcoming product enhancements and new Verified Dealer features to come!”

By signing up with the OfferUp Automotive Dealer Program, dealers get access to a suite of tools to procure quality leads from OfferUp’s marketplace, which facilitates millions of car sales every year. Every dealer in the program gets a verified dealer profile and tools enabling them to:

  • List their vehicle inventory feed automatically from their DMS provider
  • Increase their visibility through advanced advertising solutions
  • Streamline communication with prospects including Click-to-Call, the Hot Lead Indicator, and other dealer-exclusive features

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OfferUp Autos was launched in 2018 to reduce the friction in the car buying and selling process for millions of users. In addition to dealer-focused tools, the program helps buyers find the best deals nearby and connect with independent sellers and dealers instantly and anonymously.

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