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Blog: Nick’s Narrative from the Emerging Futures — Episode 16

Nick’s Narrative from the Emerging Futures — Episode 16

The above image is an example of how we can increasingly use AI for not only facial recognition but also emotion recognition. Whether we should is another story and the key for me is why are we capturing the information and how are we going to use it.

Inherently technology is neither good or bad it is how humans use it that makes it ‘good’ or ‘bad’. On the forthcoming Episode of Georgie’s Future Podcast this is one of the topics that Tony Ryan and I discuss, namely the ethics around particularly the development and use of AI. This is uppermost in my mind as just today in two separate conversations the topic emerged, and in all of these I brought up the topic of ‘who’s ethics?’

I fully agree that it is of increasing importance to discuss what outcome we want from the further development of AI but the focus first needs to be on ‘WE’ — who is the ‘we’?

The risk is that we just find people ‘like us’ and in doing so reinforce our own ethical bubbles, and whilst it may be uncomfortable to engage in an open discussion with those with different ethical viewpoints I believe it is also an important one. Who ultimately gets to decide? No idea at this stage!! Anyway on to a reflection on what’s the emerging narrative for me alongside the ethical discussion around AI.

  1. A lot of this week has been developing a response to the Restrictive Practices tender I mentioned last week — nearly there and hopefully a competitive response will be submitted next week. This reminds me of the importance of the ‘present’ as well as where I probably enjoy thinking about more — the ‘future’!
  2. Also, in the present was working with senior and aspiring leaders on the topic of leadership at Runcorn Heights State School — key point for me is that we seem to have created an unnecessary duality that leadership is ‘good’ and management is ‘bad’. Whilst I’m deliberately being overly simplistic in my representation I’m sure you have a sense of what I mean. For me this is a ‘BRULE’ (Bullshit-Rule) and that we need both in nearly all roles for success to be achieved.
  3. I’ve been putting the final touches to my next online course based on the soon to be released book ‘Solutions Focused Special Education: Practical and Inclusive Strategies for All Educators’ which will be released shortly. This has very much been a labour of love that I started 6 years ago and had to put-down before having the space and capacity to resurrect it last year. I am excited to be able to offer an online course with videos from the wide range of experts to unpack the content further. More info will be available here
  4. Final reflection is where I get the most energy — thinking and talking about the future :). Had a chance to think and write about an emerging project with two excellent people in the space of LearnTech — more on this in the coming weeks hopefully. The second was meeting with a new LinkedIn connection today and having the ‘brain-buzzing’ conversations around quantum physics, AI, Stoicism and meditation! Meeting another ‘weirdo’ or slightly kinder phrase ‘outlier’ is always fun for me to see what emerges both in the conversation and beyond!

Have a great weekend and do check out my brief video reflection here — out of my comfort zone but want and need to get better with use of video!

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