Goldbaum was founded last year by two former hedge fund and institutional investment professionals who believed that good data powering deep-diving analytics should be easy to find and easy to use. Today, we are a team of 8 further developing research software for a community of 100+ users, and we collaborate with several institutions on accelerating the development.

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Since our Fit 4 Start Graduation in March we succeeded:

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Mr Antoine Prat joined us as a Junior Data Scientist last month. Antoine just completed his MSc in Data Science and Engineer degree from Ecole Polytechnique and ParisTech. He worked previously on academic projects involving Data Visualization, Deep Learning and AdTech. Being a fierce Rugby player, he found his spot at Goldbaum as he loves to tackle complex data structures and big messy datasets on the fly. He works alongside Raluca to support Marco in the development and management of our data infrastructure and algorithms.

Mr Léni Gauffier is our first summer intern. He just enrolled his penultimate year in software engineering at Ecole Polytechnique Grenoble. Léni joins Aymeric and Alexis for the next ten weeks to assist them in additional developments of our machine learning algorithms.

From Left to Right: Marco (Data & Product Dev), Alexis (UX/UI & Design), André (Marketing), 
Valérian (Business Dev), Aymeric (Architecture), Raluca (Research & ArtificiaI Intelligence), Antoine (Data Science) Photo Credits: Jesse James

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Our series of in-depth (subscriber-only) publications show the strength of our tools on real cases of ongoing financial research. After looking into portfolio constructions thanks to the most popular analytics (Tracking Error, Tracking Difference), we have shown that this is not enough. We are currently researching the analytics of some product flows and their impacts on global markets. What could investors do to foresee this kind of flows when stress arises or liquidity dries up? Goldbaum’s data science and research team is currently analyzing the data, with some surprising results. The answer lies within our third white paper. Subscribe to receive it.

📚📚📚 to read these articles

Automation could displace 40 FS industry job roles — Singapore study [English] : In today’s times, the typical workflow of a research analyst role involves a fair number of repetitive tasks but is also advisory-centric in nature. Don’t worry. Your job will not be robotized away; you will be able (and helped) to invest more effort into more value-adding tasks. Thanks to super-geared financial search engines coupled with AI-generated reports and recommendations — such as ours 😉 😉

The S&P 500 Gets an ESG Makeover — but It May Not Go Far Enough [English] : 2019 is the year which will see ESG get so much traction, but not all investors agree. Hedge Funds Drag Their Feet When It Comes To ESG [English] but one decided to create — another — framework on it.

15 MONTHS OF FRESH HELL INSIDE FACEBOOK [English] Long read but great piece by Wired. The title says it all though. It’s Time to Break Up Facebook [English].

📆📆📆 Where we will be in May and June:

Valérian will be part of Luxembourg’s delegation at VivaTech in Paris this week (16–18 May). Thanks to Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) he will then pitch at the ICT Spring event in the Luxembourg Startup Category (21–22 May). A BIG, VERY BIG THANK TO YOU BIL. Come meet us at the “Pitch Your Startup Lounge”.

Marco will be in London to meet clients and industry contacts during the first week of June while Valérian is attending Money20/20 in Amsterdam (3–5 June) and then the Lisbon Investor Summit (6–7 June).

💰📈💰📈💰 The investment booth is still open in May :

We are still raising funds for our seed round. If you are investing in startups offering Fintech B2B solutions in the field of Cloud SaaS, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, or know investors active in this sector, please contact our CEO Valérian (

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