ProjectBlog: New Revolution in Index Stock Trading – Qianze Big Data Artificial Intelligence Trading – EIN News

Blog: New Revolution in Index Stock Trading – Qianze Big Data Artificial Intelligence Trading – EIN News

LOS ANGELES, USA, May 5, 2019 /

/ — A new revolution that replaces traditional trading methods is brewing – Artificial intelligence trading has set off a new revolution in index stock trading!

Guangzhou Qianze Asset Management has acquired huge profits in index and stock trading with it’s proprietary– Big Data Artificial Intelligence (BDAI) trading technology program, which is surpassing the current market performance.

Qianze has a top R&D team consisting of professional traders, mathematicians, big data analysis experts, system experts, and artificial intelligence experts. It has successfully developed a set of Big data AI index and stock trading model, with an accuracy of up to 99%. Qianze BDAI trading system is able to simulate all trading data of the global stock markets from the past 10 years, far beyond the realm of human potential.

The pride of Qianze – Big Data Artificial Intelligence trading system:

The Qianze Big Data AI calculation program stores nearly 10 years of transactional big data, combining the transaction records of the world’s 20 largest international exchanges, 30,000 top traders, international large securities companies and financial institutions. With an average of more than 100 trading transactions per year over 180 trading days, our big data AI program analyze from more than 300 million transactions, narrowing the scope to ensure accurate analysis of winning trading signals, and the entire big data AI trading program is equipped with a self-learning and upgrade program technology to simulate and collect more transactional data.

Qianze accurately calculates 99% of the stocks that will rise in accordance with its four steps screening process.

First: Analyse, filter, and selection in up to 3500 A-shares

Second: after the first stage of artificial intelligence selection, perform a big data analysis on China’s current financial trends and global market trends. A second filter will be performed for the remaining 300-500 A-shares.

Third: the selected 300-500 A-shares will undergo a proprietary risk management control algorithm, allowing the remaining 30-50 A-shares to be analyzed in depth to ensure investment protection.

Fourth: amongst the remaining 30-50 A-shares, a final stage of stock trend analysis will be performed, from which 3-5 A-shares will be selected for trading with the accuracy to reach 99%.

Qianze Big Data AI trading system has been able to analyze value-added stocks 99% successfully. Allowing all the company shareholders and investors not have to bear the pressure of index and stock ups and downs, and obtain stable investment income higher than other market investment companies.

Qianze BDAI trading system is now integrated into cloud technology and 5G technology, leading the revolutionary reform of smart trading to achieve unprecedented results!

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