ProjectBlog: New Planets Discovered By Artificial Intelligence

Blog: New Planets Discovered By Artificial Intelligence

The researchers from the University of Texas in partnership with Google have utilized the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to look into the existence of other possible astronomical objects like a meteor, an asteroid or maybe even a new planet. Through the help of the Kepler space telescope, they were able to discover two new planets and the results are amazing.

The technique of using AI in research proves to be promising as these two new planets would have been difficult to discover if only traditional methods of research were used. The Kepler’s extended mission also called K2, have brought into attention possibly two new planets that may exist in the same galaxy as the Earth.

Anne Dattilo, an undergraduate researcher from the UT Austin, has led the research. She created an algorithm that helps sift through data. The data used was gathered through the Kepler. What the algorithm does is that…

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