ProjectBlog: My next move in AI industry

Blog: My next move in AI industry

In contrast with most of people’s assumption, I do not read books.

I have two favorite book coffee shops where I could find some novels and books. So that I could fuel myself with some sound-nice knowledge sometimes…but everything pauses once I get out of those corners.

Why I did what I did?

Because I want to keep myself fresh and practical. The input you consciously and unconsciously takes into your mind will tell people who you are. Be very careful!

It is not easy to set a vision at age 20 something, and it is so difficult to pursue it with confidence and decisiveness in developing country like Vietnam. People will call you a dreamer, or a freak lol.

Lily of the valley: my favorite type of flower

Fortunately, it seems like I had some right dots in early 20s, which help me to build up an unique foundation/combination:

  1. Scientific background in Biotechnology: it is not about how potential this technology is, but how 5 years of learning it strengthened my critical thinking. I am confident to have arguments with anyone from economic schools, once I get to know the context and concept.
  2. Great leadership inspirations and right mindset about branding thanks to Unilever: Unilever is the best university you could find in Vietnam. What I learnt in Unilever 5 years ago still help me a lot nowadays.
  3. Powerful foundation about Humanity, Management and Innovation thanks to GMC, Minami Fuji. Ltd: this extraordinary experience constantly reminds me about fundamental elements: honest heart, flexible mind, and ability to take actions. It is kind of secret engine that differentiates me with other people.
  4. A fast-track career with Cinnamon AI: this is my best choice so far. 3 years ago, I could not imagine how AI could become such a change agent, and Cinnamon AI could have that impressive growth. Luckily, I was a part of it.
  5. The people I am surrounded with: although I did not have chance to get more global exposure, I do have an intention to surround me with great minds. 3 of them are foreigners who hold top positions in top companies (globally). This does not mean I only play with geniuses. I do have “normal” friends from primary school to university, and I love them a lot!

Without any of above 5 dots, I could not be who I am today.

Now, I am having great opportunities to achieve my “secret” mission, that is to draw Vietnam on AI world map. What an ambitious mission!

Very soon, you will see me in the role of Talent Acquisition and Development Manager in an AI company, where provides me everything I desire for. It is not a top company yet, but it is a great place for my next improvement.

There are so many things to learn and do, but I know that God designed a special journey for me. And I will make him proud, eventually ^^!

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