ProjectBlog: My 10K hours work challenge.

Blog: My 10K hours work challenge.

I have been thinking about this lately.

A day has 24 hours, 8 hours I spend in the office working, 8 hours I sleep in the night, so I asked myself what I am doing in another 8 hours???

I began to give myself a lot of excuses like “I gotta cook, take a shower, travel to work, tired after work, blah blah blah”

Then I realized that these are just excuses, I can do a lot of stuff I like in these hours, then asked “why am I not doing that?”

So I challeged my self to take a challege of utilizing this time so initially I thought of putting 1000 hours in work but then I was like “who am I kidding?? 1000 hours is pretty low”

Then I got the feeling of doing a 10000 hours or 10K hours work challenge.

What am I interested and passionate about??

I came from engineering background so I got this mind like “Eager to open up the things, understand what’s in them and close them as if they are never touched”

well, thats what the engineering is all about.

Since I got specilzed in computer science , I am insanely and ridiculously in love with Technology and Programming.

and also I have keen interest in subjects like Mathmatics, Science, Psychology, Philosophy and astrophysics so I am very much interested and passionate about building technology/software products, and exploring/creating artificial intelligence for machines and solving any kind technology based engineering problems.

Its coming from the feeling of helping people live in a better way and I also have a thing like “making the world a better place”.

So I decided to spend my 10K hours on these topics and these intentions.

like learning a lot of intersting stuff, exploring and experimenting a lot of other stuff involves research and developement in AI and other industries.

What do I exatly do in 10K ???

Since I am a programmer, I will spend my time on building software products, doing research in Artificial intelligence, becoming good at various technologies ( like big data, crypto world, ioT, VR and etc..) and apply them to the software products that I make.

so in these 10K hours I mainly focus on improving myself on these topics.

  1. Be a pro at programming ( I mean “thinking” ) so solve as many programming problems and exercises as possible. at the end I should become extremly good at thinking & any programming related problem.
  2. Mastering various skills that are used building the software products (mobile development, web development, frameworks development, cloud & big data and etc… )
  3. Restudy the entire engineering and become a pro at subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Computer science subjects.
  4. Reading all AI new papers and excute & practise them with different problems and datasets.
  5. Exploring a lot of ideas in terms of developing or improving AI algorithms for state of the art results on various tasks and domains (CV,NLP,RL)
  6. Learning, playing and exploring new technologies like ioT, crypto, Blockchain and etc..

7. Many miscellaneous tasks.

Let’s do some Math.

so I asked myself “How long does it take to accomplish this challenge ??? ”

Initially I thought “10K hours not that big a deal I can do it in very few years” But when I started doing the Math, I was like “ **** it, I can’t do that”

Monday to Friday I go to work so I have an amount of 3–4 hours free time for a day while Sat and Sun have full free time.

if I spend 5 hours everyday , it takes me around close to 6 years.

if I spend 3 hours everyday, it takes me around 9+ years.

if I spend 1 hour everyday, it takes me aroud 27+ years.

Yes you heard it right 27+ years.

This feels like a big monster infront of you , as being not a superman that scares the crap out of me.

but then I realized that atleast I can have 10K hours of happiness. so I said to myself “Lets do it”.

Documenting the journey.

so I decided to document each and everything I do and spend on for many reasons.

Since we live on internet world where the social media is big, I wanna share it over the social media for few reasons

→ First of all it helps me see what I have done so far that gives the motivation /push to complete the challange.

→It helps me have the memories of what I do and enjoy in one place ( I like instagram particularly)

→And of course, it kinda boosts others a little ( I believe that there is a blissful experiance to feel when you can change someone with your thoughts/work)

so I wanna share it over social media platforms like twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Here is the instagram link

Influencers in my thought process and my life

The following public figures influenced me a lot for a long time.

(Arraged alphabetically)

Elon Musk, Gary vee, RGV, Rock, Tony Robbins, Simon sinek and Will smith

and of course, My mom and some of my friends have very big influence on me.

The reason

As I stated already, I am extremely passinate about building products that make people have better lives and pushing the technology forward from myside.

I am always gonna strive to do that no matter what happens.

That’s all I wanna say at this time.

I always love to talk/meet people who have similar interests so let me know if you and I have shared an interst. I would love to connect with you.

My linkedin

My twitter

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