ProjectBlog: Movie “AI”

Blog: Movie “AI”

The movie “AI”, I never knew that movies about robots could be so tearful and deep.

A good work of art can be analyzed at many levels, and so can this one. Whether from the relationship between human and robot, the relationship between love and being loved, the exclusiveness and non-reproducibility of emotions, or from the level of illusion and reality, present and future, we can have a certain depth of interpretation of the film.

David was destined to love Monica only, and never had real happiness in his life. It’s not a love movie, but I feel it unexpectedly. What a desperate love it is. This kind of love reminds me of the suffocating sadness and despair of the bitter and lonely lover in countless human love tragedies when he cannot get the love of the beloved. However, love cannot be begged, even if the tears run out, even if it is a lifetime of waiting, even if it is frozen for two thousand years. Finally, thanks to the advanced robots that will dominate the planet in the future, David will have a short day of happiness.

In addition, the film reminds us of another theme about love — true friendship and love can only be found between people of the same kind. The only person who really cares about and loves David is the “super toy” Teddy Bear, who accompanies him faithfully and never abandons him. And then, of course, there was Joey, a romantic sex robot. Humans, on the other hand, only use him as a tool. Emotional comfort tools, profit tools.

The relationship between humans and robots is another topic worthy of attention. When we went to the movies, we saw David as a real little boy. Although he was clearly aware that he was a robot, he shared his joy, anger, and joy. In other words, we are guided to stand in the position of robots and treat them as human beings. But the real human beings are deliberately vilified and alienated to some extent.

This ingenious position replacement has an unexpected effect. Because robots are only artificial intelligence, they come from human hands, their emotions and existence can be seized by human beings? Human beings, as the dominant creatures on this planet for a long time, are regarded as the only legitimate feelings and needs. But suppose other creatures know, is it justified to slaughter them based on human needs?

In the movie, two thousand years later, human beings die out. The planet is dominated by a group of advanced robots, not by humans. In the movie, we use robots to say that human beings are great and they have created all kinds of art. But they eventually went extinct. The only living proof of the high technology that humans once had was the accidentally frozen little robot, David. This is a wonderful irony of human civilization.

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